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Trust Quantum for all your needs.

Honesty, Integrity and trust are implicit in everything that a family business does. These guiding principles have helped us form strong relationships and create goodwill amongst our customers and the Quantum workforce. The willingness and eagerness of the Quantum team to exceed customers expectations mean they go to great lengths to find solutions.


Why Quantum

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop

Service underpins everything that we do and each member of our team has instilled in themselves a desire to exceed your expectations.

Our core values: honesty, integrity and trust, have become synonymous with our brand.

These principles have become engraved into our organisation, becoming an integral part of who we are.

Our Wetroom Sealants and Fittings

Our Dukkaboard range is well known for its quality and dependability. 

Using Dukkaboard tanking products and accessories quickly creates an ideal waterproof substrate for thin or thick bed tile adhesives or render finished to walls and floors, with a lifetime guarantee.

Stocking Premier Brands at Competitive Prices

Our brands reflect our close relationship with our industry sectors.

Based on feedback and industry knowledge, we’ve built our own portfolio of leading brands that are proven and trusted to perform.

We’ve developed smarter, more efficient and cost effective ways of working that no professional can afford to be without.

Many of our own branded products and solutions and guaranteed and underwritten for that complete peace of mind on any project.

Quick Delivery & Support

All goods ordered from us are dispatched for next day delivery with our chosen carrier provider, meaning we are able to offer a comprehensive, reliable, timetable courier service, backed up by the latest computer technology and online tack and trace facilities.

Our customer support lines open from 7.00am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.