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The ultimate tile backer board systems and preformed shower trays.

A tile backer system found at the heart of all good tiling.

The Dukkaboard® tile backerboard system is made up of three product ranges – flat panels, shower trays and creative panels, supported by a comprehensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

Dukkaboard® panels are manufactured using a high-density extruded polystyrene core with a polymer modified, glass fibre reinforced cement coating on both sides, which adds rigidity and strength to the board and showertrays.

The tanking system used by Dukkaboard® is a well-known for its quality and dependability.

Using Dukkaboard® and accessories quickly creates an ideal substrate for thin or thick-bed tile adhesive or render finishes to walls and floors.

Moisture and rot proof
Ideal for Bathrooms, showers and wetrooms. Suitable for exterior use.

Exceptional stability
Eliminates the common causes of tile failure.

High thermal insulation
Recommended for use with all types of electrical underfloor heating.

Lightweight and workable
Easier and faster to work with than all other types of building board.

Replaces wet finishes
Can be used in place of floor screed and rendered or plastered wall finishes. Fast tracks tiling and saves costs.

Unique and creative tiling design features are easy to add to any project.