How to choose shower drains for wet rooms

Shower drains for wet rooms

When planning a new wetroom or bathroom, shower drains are one of the first aspects you need to consider. Wetrooms and walk in showers have become very popular throughout the UK and Ireland, thanks to their style and practicality. However, unlike traditional shower trays, the water in a wetroom is not contained and it needs somewhere to drain.


A natural slope will encourage the water to flow towards the drain, and there are a range of potential wetroom drains to choose from. In this guide we will take you through the various aspects you need to consider when comparing wetroom drains, from the overall style through to functionality.

1) Water capacity

Different wet room floor drains can cope with different amounts of water, so it is important to check that potential wetroom drains are compatible with the shower itself. The various drains will be able to cope with a maximum number of litres every minute, so you will need a drain that supports a flow rate which is more than your showers output.

2) Design

There are several designs available for wetroom drains, with wet room linear drains and square gully’s the most popular options. The ideal drain shape will depend on the shape of your room, the floor covering and the floor design. A square gully tends to be used with smaller tiles, as they will need to converge around the drain with angular tile cuts required. In comparison, linear drains usually have slopes to the front and rear which are more suited to large format tiles.

3) Drain position

Think about the space available when planning shower drains for wet rooms, as the drain will need to be positioned in a way which is not directly under foot. Ideally, the drain will sit as far away from the bathroom door as possible to minimise the risk of any water escaping.

4) The waste pipe

The type of flooring will impact the potential shower drain design, with waste pipes ideally able to fit between floor joists in suspended floors. If you are installing within a solid floor or by drilling a hole through joists, try to design a short run, which will mean a shorter and shallower distance to drill and install into. The final installation should provide a minimum fall of 18mm per metre.

5) Ease of access

We recommend looking for a drain with an easy to access dirt trap, such as our Pestan Confluo wet room floor drains. These drains will provide you with quick access to any build up, so that your shower water can drain freely.

Quantum Group NI – A range of wholesale shower drains for wet rooms

At Quantum Group NI, we supply wholesale drains from brands such as Pestan Confluo to suppliers throughout the UK and Ireland. These barrier-free drainage systems are manufactured using the highest-quality materials, with an easy to install modular design. We have hand-selected the range to provide our stockists with a premium variety of products, ideal for installation in bathrooms, wet rooms and walk-in showers.

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