Introducing the innovative ARKIMEDE Adjustable Paving Pedestal

We are pleased to introduce the innovative ARKIMEDE Adjustable Paving Pedestal, the latest product to join our extensive range of outdoor tiling equipment. These pedestals are the ideal choice for those looking to create a perfectly level outdoor surface, such as a raised tiled area, terrace or deck space.

How do paving support pedestal work?

The polypropylene pedestals are designed to be wound up and down, which allows the installer to achieve a perfectly level finish, whilst also ensuring slabs are evenly spaced. Not only do these pedestals provide a stunning finish, but the design will also aid drainage as rainwater is able to flow under the surface thanks to the free-flowing cavity. This means there are no issues with water pooling or damp ingress, and if maintenance is ever required, they can be removed easily.

A useful installation video is available to view by clicking here.

adjustable paving pedestal

Key benefits

• The adjustable height for an individual pedestal can range from 60-115cm, with 50 and 100mm extensions available to further increase the height. Simply remove the spacer tabs to lock the extension in place, with a maximum of 5 x 100mm extensions possible on each pedestal to give a total height of 500mm.

• The support base surface is 314cm2, with a recessed design that encourages the outflow of water. In addition, during installation the base can be easily cut to size to allow the pedestals to be used within corners and against walls.

• Pedestals include 4 spacer tabs with thicknesses of either 2mm or 4mm depending on the tiles or slabs being used. These tabs can be removed during to allow tiles to be installed against walls or around obstructions.

• Features a head diameter of 120mm and a laying surface of 113cm2.

• An anti-noise rubber top is included within each pedestal to minimise noise disruptions.

• The polypropylene design is able to hold very large weights, whilst also enduring fluctuating temperatures and changing weather.

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If you would like to find out more about the ARKIMEDE Adjustable paving pedestal from Dakota, our experienced team will be more than happy to discuss the product and the available accessories in detail. Alternatively, to find your nearest stockist or to enquire about stocking this product in your retail store, please contact our team today.