Introducing the New Quantum Group Tiling Product Guide: A Range of Innovative Tiling Solutions

We’re excited to announce the launch of the latest Quantum Group Tiling Product Guide, which brings together an extensive selection of the newest and most innovative tiling products. This carefully curated brochure is designed for easy browsing and includes an array of solutions from leading brands such as our own Quantum ranges, Genesis, Exactamat, Structamat, Baseboard, Aquatank, Thermosphere, UltraTile, Lithofin, LTP, Tylix, Raimondi, Levtec, Montolit, Sigma, and more.


An innovative range of tiling and wet room products


As always, the team here at Quantum are passionate about providing our customers with innovative products at competitive prices, and our new brochure includes everything from trims and movement mattings through to innovative levelling systems and underfloor heating solutions, with hand-picked products that are sure to prove popular. The following are just some examples of the exciting new product lines within the latest edition.

1. Quantum Tile Trims

Our new lineup includes an extensive range of our own new Quantum branded tile trims, expertly designed for the finishing and protection of tiled edges and surfaces. These solutions are not just functional but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any tiling project.

2. Genesis Shower Shelves

Upgrade your bathroom installations with our stylish and practical Reversible Shower Shelves. Made from grade 304 stainless steel, these shelves fit seamlessly into 90-degree corners, offering a rust and corrosion-resistant solution that requires no drilling, thanks to their innovative silicone attachment method.



3. Exactamat Pro-Matting

The EXACTAMAT Pro-Matting is a one-step underlayment solution that’s both durable and easy to install. This matting system excels in absorbing multidirectional stresses within tiled surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of installation environments.




  1. Structamat Matting Solutions

Our new Structamat matting solutions include a range of underlayment options. For example, the Structamat XT, in particular, is an innovative crack-bridging, decoupling membrane that offers exceptional protection against problem substrates, including timber, concrete, and heated floors. This versatile matting is compatible with all types of tiles and natural stone, and its ultrathin design makes installation a breeze. Alternatively, the Structamat WP movement matting is designed to aid in waterproofing and it is particularly effective on both walls and floors, providing impressive pull strength and minimal height build-up of just 0.48mm. It’s also suitable for use with underfloor heating, making it a versatile choice for any wet area application.


5. Thermosphere Underfloor Heating

The extended product range from Thermosphere includes the Thermosphere Vario Pro Membrane, which combines underfloor heating with uncoupling technology. This system allows for simultaneous substrate preparation and heating installation, which saves time and ensures consistent performance. In addition, the Thermosphere Vario Membrane Heating Cables and Thermonet Underfloor Heating Mesh provide flexible and efficient heating solutions that are easy to install and come with a lifetime warranty. Completing the range are the extensive range of Thermosphere thermostats, with options to suit every installation project.



6. UltraTile by Instarmac


Our range from UltraTile includes innovative adhesives, grouts, silicones, levelling compounds, and cleaning products. Known for their reliability and superior performance, these products cater to both large commercial projects and small residential tasks.

7. Tylix Tiling Tools

We are proud to introduce a new line of Tylix tiling tools and accessories designed to enhance the tiling experience. Tylix tools are designed to provide exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that every tiling project achieves perfection. From notch trowels and grout removers to combination spreaders and tiling wash bucket sets, each Tylix product is a representation of quality and innovation in tiling tools.

8. Spirex Cutting Tools

Another new addition is the Spirex range, which includes high-quality diamond blades, drill bits, and a variety of diamond hole cutters, renowned for their durability and precision. These tools are designed to meet the rigorous demands of construction professionals, ensuring longevity and performance in every cut.

Why choose Quantum as your wholesale supplier?


At Quantum, our passion for innovation drives us to continually provide our customers with products that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Each item in our new brochure has been selected based on its ability to offer enhanced functionality, aesthetic appeal, and long-term durability. Our commitment extends beyond just supplying competitively priced products to our wholesale customers; we aim to equip the end-user with the tools they need to achieve flawless results efficiently and cost-effectively.


Download the new brochure today!


The new Quantum Group Tiling Product Guide is available for download HERE, with the physical copies arriving very soon. To find out more about our innovative product range, detailed descriptions of their applications and benefits, and insights into how the tiling industry is evolving, browse a copy today.


We are continually adding to our product range, so if you can’t find what you are looking for within our brochure let us know and we will do our best to assist. We operate on a trade-only basis through our network of retailers, wholesalers, and builders’ merchants. To find out more about stocking any of our new product lines, or to find your nearest stockist of Quantum products, please contact our team today.