Introducing Tylix: Revolutionising the Tiling Industry with Quality


Quantum Group NI are thrilled to announce the launch of Tylix, a brand-new range of innovative tiling tools and accessories designed to meet the needs of tiling experts and enthusiasts alike. Tylix aims to elevate the tiling experience with its exceptional performance and durability.

With the introduction of Tylix, tiling enthusiasts and professionals can look forward to a new era of excellence in the tiling industry. From notch trowels to grout removers, combination spreaders to grout floats and taper floats, and tiling wash bucket sets to clean up again when you’re done – Tylex offers a comprehensive range of top-quality tools and accessories that will elevate your tiling projects to new heights.

Unleashing the Power of Tylix:

Notch Trowels: Tylix offers a comprehensive range of notch trowels meticulously designed to ensure precise and consistent tile installation. Crafted from high-quality materials, these trowels provide superior grip and control, enabling you to achieve perfect tile adhesion every time. With various notch sizes available, you can easily choose the ideal trowel for different tile sizes and materials.

Grout Removers: Say goodbye to the hassle of stubborn grout with Tylix’s efficient grout removers. These specially designed tools make removing old or damaged grout a breeze, allowing you to achieve clean and precise results. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen, Tylix grout removers will help you easily achieve a professional finish.

Tiling Wash Bucket Sets: Tylix understands the importance of convenience and efficiency during tiling projects. That’s why they have developed the Tiling Wash Bucket Sets, complete with all the essentials for a seamless tiling experience. These sets include a durable wash bucket, a sponge, a grout float, and a combination spreader, providing you with a complete solution for all your tiling needs.

Grout Floats: Perfecting the grouting process is made easier with Tylix’s exceptional range of grout floats. Designed with ergonomic handles and high-quality rubber bases, these floats allow for smooth and effortless grout application. Achieve even and consistent grout lines with precision and finesse, thanks to Tylix’s commitment to craftsmanship.

Taper Floats: Tylix also offers taper floats – an indispensable tool for achieving a professional finish. By ensuring an even distribution of adhesive or grout, Taper floats provide seamless results that stand the test of time.

Experience the difference that Tylix brings to your tiling endeavours and discover the joy of working with tools crafted with precision and care. Embrace the revolution in tiling with Tylix – where excellence meets innovation.

Expert Guidance and Support

Tylix’s commitment to quality extends beyond its product range. Our experienced team is always on hand to advise and guide product use. This exceptional range is available on a trade-only basis throughout the UK and Ireland. Please get in touch with the team if you are interested in stocking the range or would like to find your nearest supplier.