Atrim PVC Straight Edge 2.5m

Straight edge PVC trim giving a protective and neat finish to tiled corners and edges
Box quantity 100

Product Codes: 4341, 4342, 4343, 4344, 4358, 4364, 4379, 4383, 4445, 4447, 4449, 4365, 4370, 4371, 4372, 4373



This PVC trim is ideal for providing protection and a neat finish to tiled corners and edges.
For ease of installation, the PVC profiles include a perforated anchoring leg to secure adhesive or mortar bond, below the tiled surface.
Measuring 2.5m in length with depths ranging from 4.5mm up to 12mm, these versatile PVC trims are available in white, black, jasmine and light grey.

Additional information

Atrim PVC Straight Edge 2.5m

Black with 10mm depth, Black with 12mm depth, Black with 4.5mm depth, Black with 6mm depth, Black with 8mm depth, Jasmine with 10mm depth, Jasmine with 12mm depth, Jasmine with 8mm depth, Light Grey with 10mm depth, Light Grey with 12mm depth, Light Grey with 8mm depth, White with 10mm depth, White with 12mm depth, White with 4.5mm depth, White with 6mm depth, White with 8mm depth