COCOON Electric Underfloor Heating

A premium quality electric underfloor heating mat. Cocoon uses a superior quality cable fixed to self-adhesive fibre glass mesh. This process allows the mat to roll out totally flat for easy installation in a variety of applications.
Safe for use in wet areas
High quality fibreglass mesh

Product Codes: CCM1, CCM15, CCM2, CCM25, CCM3, CCM35, CCM4, CCM45, CCM5, CCM6, CCM7, CCM8, CCM9


Additional information

Cocoon electric underfloor heating

0.5x10m with 5m2 coverage and 800W output, 0.5x12m with 6m2 coverage and 960W output, 0.5x14m with 7m2 coverage and 1120W output, 0.5x16m with 8m2 coverage and 1280W output, 0.5x18m with 9m2 coverage and 1440W output, 0.5×2.0m with 1m2 coverage and 160W output, 0.5×3.0m with 1.5m2 coverage and 240W output, 0.5×4.0m with 2m2 coverage and 320W output, 0.5×5.0m with 2.5m2 coverage and 400W output, 0.5×6.0m with 3m2 coverage and 480W output, 0.5×7.0m with 3.5m2 coverage and 560W output, 0.5×8.0m with 4m2 coverage and 640W output, 0.5×9.0m with 4.5m2 coverage and 720W output