Dual Control Thermotouch 7-Day Thermostat

Dual Control Thermostat – Key Features

  • Manage both your heated floor and an additional appliance (towel bar, towel rail, or mirror demister) with one thermostat.
  • Energy Efficient: Learns your floor’s heating time to optimize energy consumption and reduce heating bills.
  • Flexible Design: Install in landscape or portrait orientation with a choice of eight background colors to match your style.
  • Convenient: Independently switched dual relays for separate heating schedules.
  • Window Sensor: Automatically turns off heating if a window or door is opened to prevent energy waste.
  • High Capacity: 16 amp relay for underfloor heating and 5 amp relay for additional heating appliances.
  • Luxury Finishing Touch: Complements any bathroom style with matching electric towel bars.

Product Codes: 5264



Control more with one thermostat

If you are looking for that 5-star luxury feel of your favourite spa, the Dual Control Thermostat is made for you. Combine the control of your heated floor with an electric towel bartowel rail or mirror demister with the simple, flexible design of this thermostat.

The only thermostat of its type

The Dual Control Thermostat is made to be different. It gives you the ability to set a heating schedule for your floor and for the towel bar (or mirror demister). This is all thanks to independently switched dual relays inside the thermostat. Available in both black and white.

1. Total convenience

Take control of your electric underfloor heating and another heating appliance, like towel bars, one easy-to-use thermostat.

2. Energy saving

It learns how long your floor takes to heat up and reduces energy consumption, which helps to save you money on your heating bills.

3. Match your style

You can install the Dual Control thermostat as either landscape or portrait and even choose from eight coloured backgrounds.

4. Window sensor

Open window sensor monitors the room temperature and switches off automatically if a door or window is opened.

Add the finishing touch

Complete your luxury bathroom with the electric towel bar collection which is designed to complement all types of bathroom styles from contemporary to shabby-chic.

Double the capability

The Dual Control Thermostat contains a 16 amp relay for your electric underfloor heating and a 5 amp relay for a heated towel rail or mirror demister.

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