Dukkaboard Decoshield Corners

These Dukkaboard decoshield corners are designed for the waterproofing of corners and niches, with external or internal styles available. These lightweight and durable corners are designed to be used on most common substrates such as concrete and timber, with an end result that is compatible with all types of tiles and natural stone.

Product Codes: 4979, 4980



The Dukkaboard decoshield corners are the ideal solution for waterproofing corners where the floor meets a wall or areas with shelves and niches. These Dukkaboard corners are natural problem solvers, with a surface that is resistant to rot and alkalis, whilst also eliminating all risks associated with tiling issues such as cracks and substrate movement. Simple and quick to install, these lightweight yet durable panels provide an ideal solution for professional tilers.

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Dukkaboard Decoshield Corners

External Corner Piece, Internal Corner Piece