Montolit Professional Battery Powered Suction Cup

    • The GECONE Professional Battery-Operated Suction Cup by Montolit is an innovative addition in the world of tile handling.
    • Electronic Control Display: Real-time monitoring for optimal performance.
    • Three Interchangeable Sealing Rings:
      • Black Rubber: For high-thickness tiles (Max Load: 200kg Vertical, 100kg Diagonal).
      • Foam: For corrugated surfaces (Max Load: 180kg Vertical, 50kg Diagonal).
      • Red Non-Marking Rubber: For standard and thin tiles (Max Load: 180kg Vertical, 50kg Diagonal).
    • Non-Stop 8-Hour Operation: Powered by 12VDC Li-ion batteries (2 included), 1.5 Ah, 18Wh. Charging time: 2 hours.
    • Automatic Fail-Safe System: Secures the load in case of power failure.
    • Safety Features: Pressure maintenance, battery backup, secure release button.
    • Specifications: Contact surface size: 300 x 160mm, Weight: 1.60kg.
    • Supplied in Hard Plastic Carry Case: For easy storage and transport.

    Perfect for professional tilers seeking reliable and efficient tile handling solutions.

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Introducing GECONE: The Professional Battery-Operated Suction Cup by Montolit

Montolit, renowned for its innovative tiling tools, proudly presents the GECONE Professional Battery-Operated Suction Cup. Designed exclusively for the manual lifting and handling of ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, granite, and marble, GECONE sets a new standard in efficiency and safety for professional tilers.

Key Features

Electronic Control Display: The GECONE comes equipped with an electronic control display, providing real-time monitoring and ensuring optimal performance during operation.

Three Interchangeable Sealing Rings: The GECONE includes three specialized sealing rings, each tailored to different surfaces, enhancing versatility and functionality:

  • Black Rubber Sealing Ring: Ideal for high-thickness tiles. Maximum Vertical Load: 200kg, Maximum Diagonal Load: 100kg.
  • Foam Sealing Ring: Perfect for corrugated surfaces. Maximum Vertical Load: 180kg, Maximum Diagonal Load: 50kg.
  • Red Non-Marking Rubber Sealing Ring: Suitable for standard tiles and thin tiles (with added central insert). Maximum Vertical Load: 180kg, Maximum Diagonal Load: 50kg.

Non-Stop 8-Hour Operation: The GECONE is powered by a robust 12VDC Li-ion battery, ensuring continuous operation for up to 8 hours. It comes with two batteries, each with a capacity of 1.5 Ah (18Wh), and a charging time of just 2 hours.

Automatic Fail-Safe System: In case of a power failure, such as an accidental battery release, the automatic fail-safe system secures the load, ensuring maximum safety.

Safety Features:

  • Pressure Maintenance: Automatically increases pressure if it starts to release.
  • Battery Backup: Maintains grip on the tile even if the battery dies, allowing time to replace the battery.
  • Secure Release: The release button must be pressed for at least 3 seconds to release the tile, preventing accidental drops.


  • Contact Surface Size: 300 x 160mm
  • Weight: 1.60kg
  • Supplied in Hard Plastic Carry Case: Ensures easy storage and transport.

Why GECONE Stands Out

The GECONE cordless suction cup offers unparalleled lifting and suction power, having been tested up to 180kg and guaranteed to hold 100kg on a vertical angle. It is a versatile tool that enhances the efficiency and safety of tile handling, eliminating the need for manual handling solutions that are less reliable and professional.

The inclusion of three ring seals tailored to different tile surfaces, along with two batteries and a hard carry case, makes the GECONE an indispensable tool for any professional tiler.

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