Montolit Battile

The Montolit Battile is a thumping suction cup for tiles and slabs, making it ideal for use with ceramics, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble and glass.

If you are facing the installation of large format tiles or slabs, the Montolit Battile is essential to ensure perfect adhesion and avoidance of annoying and dangerous voids, which could cause breakage in the immediate future.

Product Code: BATTILE-GB


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The Montolit Battile can be used for both indoor and outdoor tile installations, and will correct problems related to the incorrect distribution of adhesive. Powered with a lithium ion-battery, the Montolit Battille is a compact and lightweight item that uses vibration to remove any air bubbles from adhered tiles straight after installation. In addition, the suction cup design is able to lift and easily lay small and medium tiles.


Instructions for use:


1) We advise users to check the charge level before use, with an orange or red light indicating the battery level is low. A full charge is indicated by a green light.


2) To use the Montolit Battile, press the power button and adjust the frequency of vibrations to the desired level.


3) Position the Battile on the tile to be laid and press the handle to activate the suction cup, lift the tile and place it onto the adhesive surface. Activate the vibration to remove air pockets and ensure an even placement.


4) If the installation is using large format tiles or heavy slabs, an additional lifting device is advised to lift into place. Once in position the vibrating Battile should be used across the surface with a gliding rotary action from the centre to the outside of each tile. This will encourage air pockets to move from under the tile and create an even distribution of adhesive.


The intensity of vibrations is adjustable from 5000 to 18000 vibrations per minute, using the power regulator located near the handle.


Weight: 0.95kg

Battery capacity – 8.4V-Li-ion 2.6 Ah

Charging time: 2-hours

Motor power – 50 W