MONTOLIT Wet Table Saw F1 Brooklyn

F1 Brooklyn is the latest line of wet table saws from Montolit, designed to provide tilers with the highest precision, combined with a light and reliable tool.

For use with ceramic and porcelain tiles.
A light but corrosion proof aluminium frame, with all metal zinc-plated before painting.
Includes a DNA (SCX250) Diamond blade.
The supporting system of the bridge is completely foldable, and features two extendable legs making it ideal for uneven surfaces.
Includes the Montolit classic patented protractor square, which allows tilers to keep the correct measure for different angles.

Voltage: 115V

Motor HP: 2

Cutting depth: 50mm

Blade diameter: 250mm

Bore: 25.4mm

Product Codes: F1-101-115V, F1-131-115V, F1-151-115V, F1-181-115V

SKU: F1-101-115V

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MONTOLIT Wet Table Saw F1 Brooklyn

101cm Cutting Length – Weight 75Kg, 131cm Cutting Length – Weight 85Kg, 151cm Cutting Length – Weight 100Kg, 181cm Cutting Length – Weight 112Kg