PVC Internal Trim 2.5m

A white PVC internal trim that neatly finishes internal joints of tiled surfaces and worktops, whilst also providing excellent protection from dirt build up.

9mm depth

Product Code: 4256



This PVC internal trim is ideal for providing a neat finish to internal tile and worktop joints, resulting in a professional finish for every tiling project. Measuring 2.5m in length with a depth of 9mm, this white PVC internal trims will also provide excellent protection against dirt build up.


PVC is a great material for use in domestic and some commercial settings, as it is resistant to scratching and bending, whilst also being UV stable. Therefore, our PVC internal trims are ideal for many indoor tiling projects. These trims are not suitable for use outside, as discolouration and cracking can occur.


For ease of installation, the PVC internal trim includes a perforated anchoring leg to secure adhesive or mortar bond, below the tiled surface. With the outer section of the trim sitting neatly above the tiles or worktop to create a neat and contemporary finish, which perfectly covers the raw edges of cut tiles and natural irregularities.


One of the great benefits of choosing PVC trims is that very little maintenance is required, with dirt and marks quickly removed with standard household cleaning products. We recommend avoiding the use of abrasive cleaning tools and chemicals, as these can damage the finish.