Raimondi Mistral 150 110V

The Mistral is a superior plunge cut tile cutter for cutting porcelain, ceramic, marble and granite tiles, featuring a high-capacity blade water-cooling system with double jets.
Maximum thickness of cut: 100mm or 135mm in a double pass when using the maximum 350mm disc
Cutting Length: 1500mm
Voltage: 110v
Max 350mm diamond blade or 300mm min

Aluminium sliding bar and disc cover with coated metal frame
Re-adjustable aluminium square
Plunge cut
Motor moves on 4 polypropylene pulleys, with each pulley reinforced with 2 internal bearings
Pulleys are easy to re-adjust, so that play can be avoided and cuts are precise
Motor is held in place by a galvanised metal frame
Tilting legs
Tiling movement for 0/47 degree cuts

Includes a 300mm diamond disc for porcelain tiles, keys kit, dressing stone and user manual

We recommend using this cutter with the following accessories:

Raimondi Five Roller Bench: A self standing bench that can be used with all Raimondi tile saws when cutting large tiles.

Counter Square: The Raimondi Counter Square is designed to position tiles accurately before cutting, making it ideal for 45 and 90 degree cuts.

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