Tylix Grout Remover

Tylix Grout Remover, a durable tool with a stainless-steel blade that can be rotated for extended use. Simplify your grout removal tasks with the Tylix Grout Remover and achieve exceptional results effortlessly.

Spare blades also available.

Box Quantity: 12

Product Codes: 1489 and 1491


The Tylix Grout Remover is a versatile tool designed to simplify the process of removing grout. With a stainless-steel blade, this grout remover offers durability and precision as the rotatable blade allows you to use all sides of the pentagon-shaped grout rake, ensuring extended usability.

In addition, spare blades are available for convenient replacement when needed. The Tylix Grout Remover comes in a box quantity of 12, making it suitable for both personal use and professional applications.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tylix Grout Remover and simplify your grout removal tasks with this reliable and durable grout rake.

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Grout Remover, Spare Blade