UltraTile ProClean Grout Aid

              • Effective Cleanup: Aids in the easy rinse and clean-off of mortar grout and cement residues.
              • Suitable Surfaces: Ideal for ceramic, porcelain, brick, quarry tiles, concrete, and non-acid sensitive stone.
              • Prevents Grout Haze: Significantly reduces grout haze and film drying on the surface.
              • Versatile Use: Suitable for both internal and external applications.
              • Convenient Size: Available in a 1 litre bottle.

              Ensure a flawless finish with UltraTile Grout Aid, simplifying the cleanup process and preventing common grout-related issues.

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UltraTile Grout Aid: Final Rinse Additive for Effortless Grout Cleanup

Introducing UltraTile Grout Aid, the ultimate final rinse additive designed to simplify the cleanup of mortar grout and cement grouting residues. This product is essential for ensuring a flawless finish during the tile installation process, both indoors and outdoors. UltraTile Grout Aid effectively eliminates common grout film and hazing problems, making it a must-have for professional tilers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effective Residue Removal: UltraTile Grout Aid significantly reduces grout haze and film drying on the surface, preventing post-installation issues such as patchy grout colors and efflorescence blooming.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use on all acid-resistant surfaces, including ceramic tiles, porcelain, brick, clay, quarry tiles, terracotta, concrete, and other types of natural stone. Ideal for both internal and external applications.
  • Easy to Use: This final rinse additive is easy to mix and apply, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning process during tile installation. It aids in the easy rinse and clean-off of mortar grout and cement residues.
  • Prevents Common Problems: By neutralizing cement grout residues, UltraTile Grout Aid helps prevent common grout-related problems, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

Suitable Surfaces and Substrates:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Brick
  • Clay
  • Quarry Tiles
  • Terracotta
  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone (excluding acid-sensitive stones such as polished marble and limestone)

Application Instructions:

  1. Surface Preparation: Always perform a test in an inconspicuous area to check product suitability. Ensure the surface is free from loose debris before application.
  2. Mixing: Add 100-200ml of UltraTile Grout Aid per 5 litres of final rinsing water in a bucket. Mix well to ensure even distribution.
  3. Application: Use a grouting sponge or tiler’s washboy to apply the mixture as normal, rinsing off mortar grout and cement residues. Allow the surface to dry for 2-5 minutes. For rough or textured tiles, a second wash down may be necessary.
  4. Ventilation: If using UltraTile Grout Aid indoors, ensure good ventilation during and after use to disperse any fumes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 1 litre bottle
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Coverage: Up to 100m² per litre, depending on surface texture, structure, and porosity
  • Application Temperatures: 5°C to 25°C
  • pH Value: 1-2
  • Application Method: Sponge, cloth
  • Number of Applications: 1-2 applications, depending on the level of residue

Performance and Maintenance:

  • Highly Effective Formula: Combines powerful cleaning agents to neutralize and remove cement grout residues effectively.
  • Prevents Grout Haze: Ensures a clean and professional finish by preventing common grout haze and film issues.

Storage and Shelf Life:

  • Storage: Store in unopened bottles in a frost-free environment out of direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperatures are between 5°C and 25°C. Avoid frost to maintain product efficacy.
  • Shelf Life: This product has a shelf life of 12 months from the production date when stored under appropriate conditions.

Health & Safety:

  • Precautions:
    • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
    • May be corrosive to metals.
    • Harmful if swallowed, in contact with skin, or if inhaled.
    • Causes skin irritation and may cause an allergic skin reaction.
    • Causes serious eye damage and may cause respiratory irritation.
    • Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
    • Wear eye protection, protective gloves, and protective clothing.
    • If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
    • If on skin: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
    • If swallowed: Rinse mouth. Do not induce vomiting.
    • If inhaled: If breathing is difficult, remove the victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a comfortable position.
  • Usage Guidelines: Always use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when preparing, mixing, and applying this product. Wash hands before consuming food and keep materials safely out of reach of children and animals. Dispose of packaging and waste appropriately.

Quality Assurance

All UltraTile products are manufactured in a facility whose quality management system is certified to conform with BE EN ISO 9001 standards. Products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacturing, and will be replaced or refunded if they do not meet our promotional literature’s specifications. However, we cannot accept responsibility for the application or use of our products as we have no direct control over their usage.

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