Tile Trends for 2022 – We predict the next tiling trends

tiling trends

From vivid colours and feature walls through to bold tile layouts, our tiling experts predict that 2022 will be an exciting year for tiling. Whether you are a tile shop looking for new stock or a homeowner planning a major renovation, 2022 is the year to push the tiling boundaries with these tiling trends.

1. Shaped tiles

When it comes to choosing wall tiles, many of us naturally think of square and rectangular shapes, however as designs evolve, we are seeing a rise in the popularity of shaped tiles. From triangular and diamond shapes to curved tiles, playing with unusual shapes is an excellent way to break away from traditional design boundaries.

A great way to achieve this effect is through the use of patterned tiles, such as the Navarro Daltrey tile range. These decorative tiles feature a geometric pattern which is a great choice for those who are looking to add a modern yet subtle design.



Measurements: 303 x 613mm / 12 x 24”
Quantity per Square Metre: 6

2. Contrasting grout

A great way to turn plain coloured tiles into an interesting focal point is to use contrasting grout, which will instantly accentuate the tile patterns. If you are installing plain white tiles instead of opting for a standard white grout, why not use a black or dark grey grout? These darker tones will add a new twist and works particularly well with smaller squared tiles and subway style tiles, such as the Navarro Landmade range of tiles.

This range of rectangular tiles is available in a wide range of colours, from greens and blues through to neutral creams, which look beautiful when paired with contrasting grout colours.



Measurements: 75 x 300mm / 2.9 x 11.8”
Quantity per Square Metre: 44.64

3. Textured tiles

Although gloss tiles will always create a stunning finish, we predict that this year we will experience a rise in the popularity of textured tiles. The gentle bumps and grooves within textured tiles create a tactile surface, and when used in bathroom or kitchen the texture will create a premium feel. A great example are the stone-effect and wood-effect tiles which offer a beautiful natural finish.

The Verve range from Navarro is available in four stone-effect finishes, with both plain and decorative tiles designed to provide a natural texture.



Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10 x 27.3”
Quantity per Square Metre: 5.70

4. Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles have proved to be a popular design staple in recent years, however for 2022 we are predicting that tiling trends will shift away from the use of patterns within small areas such as kitchen backsplashes and bathroom floors. Instead, we predict that patterned tiles will be used to cover entire walls, with homeowners using the creative patterns as a way to create feature walls throughout the home.

In a similar way to decorative wallpaper, patterned tiles such as the Motown range with its elegant gloss finish will be used to create a luxurious feel. These ripple effect tiles feature an interesting pattern, and with a variety of colour choices available from subtle neutral hues to bold graphite finishes there are options available for every interior design.


Measurements: 250 x 700mm / 10” x 27.3”
Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

5. Bold colours

2022 is the year to be brave with colour, and we predict that the bold tile designs which are often seen on floors will carry through to walls this year. From dark jewel tones to bright yellows and blues, there are so many potential colours to choose from. If you are unsure which colour to choose, we recommend using a colour wheel which will help you to find both complementary colours or contrasting colours for a bold look.

A great example of colourful tiles which add an interesting design element to walls are the Navarro Landmade tiles, which are available in colours ranging from deep blue through to dark grey.


Measurements: 75 x 300mm / 2.9 x 11.8”
Quantity per Square Metre: 44.64

6. Statement marble

Marble-effect tiles are a great way to create a subtle statement in a bathroom or kitchen, with the white and grey shades often chosen for their luxurious finish. The opulent feel of marble-effect tiles is a budget friendly option which will instantly add texture and interest to a room, and we predict that the variety of shades available will prove to be a very popular tiling trend this year.

A popular example are these Vespa Carrara tiles, which benefit from a realistic finish thanks to their slight variation and gloss finish.


Vespa Carrara

608 x 608mm / 23.9 x 23.9” / Quantity per Square Metre: 2.7
250 x 700mm / 9.8 x 27.5″ / Quantity per Square Metre: 5.7

7. Natural materials

We predict that we will see a shift towards more neutral spaces that incorporate natural materials such as stone and wood. There are many tile options available which fit this trend, such as stone-effect and wood-effect tiles, with our Chateau range proving to already be very popular this year. These tiles are designed to subtly mimic the natural grain of wood and there are a variety of potential finishes available, including ash and oak.



Ash and Oak – 250 x 1000mm / 9.8 x 39.3” / Quantity per Square Metre: 4
Gris, Roble, Wengue and Haya – 230 x 1200mm/ 9.05 x 47.2″ / Quantity per Square Metre: 4

8. Earth tones

The warm earth tones are always a popular choice, and this year we are already receiving a lot of enquiries for shades ranging from terracotta through to light clay. These timeless tones are great for adding interest to a neutral space, and can be paired with matching accessories for a Spanish or Moroccan feel, which is always a popular design style. A great example of simple floor tiles that perfectly capture this trend are our Ashcroft tiles, which are available in a range of warm tones.



Measurements: 608 x 608mm / 24 x 24”
Quantity per Square Metre: 2.7

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