Top 5 tools and accessories for large format tiles

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are a popular choice in many installations; however, they can be challenging to handle and install. To help your tiling projects run smoothly, we have put together the following list of the top 5 tools and accessories for large format tiles. Thankfully, there are many tools available, from suction cups to drill bits, with the following items being the best of the bunch.


The Montolit Table One is a workbench designed especially for the handling of large format tiles and porcelain slabs. This flexible table can be extended to a maximum configuration of 240x150cm, with three height positions to suit the tile installers requirements. It is even possible to extend the area by attaching multiple workbenches, which is ideal if you regular work with large or irregular shaped tiles and slabs.

This modular support table is manufactured using aluminium and steel, with cross bars that can be easily moved and slid back and forth as required.  For added flexibility, the Montolit Table One features adjustable rubber feet to create a stable, level surface. Once in place the whole table can be quickly disassembled for quick movement and transportation, and there is no need to worry about damage to tiles, as the aluminium beams are fitted with a strip of anti-slip rubber.

Montolit Table One


This triple suction cup from Forte is designed to allow tilers to lift and handle large format tiles weighing up to 100kg with ease. Ideal for use with marble, granite and those with a rough or slightly structured surface, these suction cups are a popular choice for many tilers. It can also be used to remove cracked and misplaced tiles, thanks to the tools ability to lift, move, pull and grip materials with ease.

Simply place the cups on a flat surface and apply pressure, the levers can then be pulled downwards to create a safe vacuum seal. To remove the cups, pull the levers back into position and lift the cups away from the tile surface.

Forte Triple Suction Cup

This thumping suction cup is designed for use on ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble and glass, making it ideal for the installation of large indoor and outdoor tiles and slabs. The simple to use design will ensure the correct distribution of adhesive under large format tiles, with vibrations that remove air bubbles and improve adhesion.

It is also possible to move and position the tiles into place thanks to the suction cup, which is designed to lift weights of up to 25kg. This compact and lightweight design is sure to prove useful in any large format tiling project.

Montolit Battile Pro

This modular tile handling system is capable of lifting loads of up to 80kg, which makes it ideal for large format tiles and slabs. As tiles and slabs continue to increase in size, this multipurpose frame will ensure you are able to cope with the larger and heavier designs.

The system is unique in the market and is manufactured using galvanised telescopic iron tubes, which ensure rigidity is maintained when under pressure. If you need to lift, twist or move tiles through narrow places, the Montolit Superstick is ideal. It is also easy to disassemble and transport in between projects.

Montolit Superstick

This bogie is designed specifically for transporting large format tiles and or porcelain stoneware within warehouses, shops and places of installation. The Montolit Goal is capable of holding a maximum weight of 260kg, and will allow large loads to be moved safely and easily thanks to the soft rubber casters positioned on each corner.

For added stability, it is possible to reduce the contact between the load and the trolley with wood or foam, which will prevent chips, scratches and slipping. It is also possible to use the Goal Evo during installation, thanks to the four upper hooks which facilitate adhesive coating and improve continuity of movement between lifting and installation.

When the Goal Evo trolley is not in use, it can be folded easily for transport and storage. Alternatively, the trolley can remain assembled with the wheel brakes applied to keep the bogie in the desired position.

Montolit Goal Evo

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