We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Quantum website!

Quantum website product page

Our new website includes useful features, such as the ability to search by product category, name or stock number. This allows visitors to quickly find the exact product they are searching for, while also highlighting recommended products that are relevant to the website user.

If a visitor is simply browsing, we have segmented the products into various relevant categories to provide an efficient browsing experience. This website is designed to be as simple as possible for visitors to use, so individual product pages include various product images, data sheets and instructional videos.

As this website develops further informational content and videos will be added, to ensure the new site provides a wealth of information to our customers. Furthermore, this website includes an extensive brochure download area, brand overview pages and a useful news page, which will be regularly updated.

Here at Quantum we continually strive to provide the market with innovative products, and being able to provide key product information online is a great way to raise product awareness. Although, if you would like further information the Quantum team are always available to answer product queries.

This new site features the full range of Quantum products, including tile trims, tile backer boards, tanking kits, tile saws and various tiling tools and accessories. This website is designed to bring the products online, so those searching for products are quickly able to view the product benefits and also the service they can expect when stocking Quantum products.

The products are not available to purchase online, instead this site acts as a detailed online brochure, allowing visitors to browse images, information and videos relating to the extensive Quantum range.

Scott McCormack, Internal Team Lead here at Quantum says “We’re very excited to launch our brand-new website in line with our culture of continuous improvement. We feel it’s a great step forward in enhancing the Quantum experience for our customers and tradespeople alike, offering easy access to details of our quality products. Enjoy browsing!”

This website launches at an exciting time of the year for Quantum, as we have recently released our 20/21 Tiling Product Guide. The brochure is available to download via the new website, although if you prefer, please contact us to arrange for a brochure to be sent in the post.