The Baseboard tile backer board systems and preformed shower trays are found at the heart of all quality tiling.

The innovative boards can be used to create a waterproof surface suitable for fixing wall and floor tiles or shower trays. The system is designed for use instead of chipboard, ply or plasterboard, where it works to prevent water reaching the surface beneath the board.

There are many potential applications, although they are most commonly used within showers, wet rooms, steam rooms and swimming pools. To complement the finish within the area, their high thermal insulation properties ensure minimal heat transfer to adjacent surfaces, making them ideal for use below electrical underfloor heating.

Their versatility allows them to be used on metal and timber stud work, or on top of existing floors and walls to cover unstable and uneven surfaces. In addition, their lightweight design means there are no extra load requirements and they are very easy to handle and cut.

The panels are manufactured to the highest specifications and have become the industry benchmark for stable, impervious and durable tile backer boards and trays.

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