Tylix Dual-Notched Trowel

With a strong steel blade and plastic handle, the Tylix Dual-Notched Trowel offers durability and comfort. Featuring 6mm and 10mm notches on each side, this dual-notched trowel provides versatility for various tile sizes.

Box Quantity: 12

Product Code: 1335


The Tylix Dual-Notched Stainless Steel Trowel, is a robust tiling tool designed for exceptional performance. This trowel features a strong steel blade for durability and precise application, while the plastic handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring ease of use during your tiling projects.

One side of the trowel is equipped with a 6mm notch, while the other side features a 10mm notch. This dual-notched design offers versatility, allowing you to achieve the perfect adhesive coverage for different tile sizes and materials.

Available in a box quantity of 12, this trowel is suitable for both personal and professional use.

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