Top tiling ideas for small bathrooms

tiling ideas

If you have been searching for bathroom tiling ideas it is likely you have found many images of large stunning bathrooms with free-standing baths, separate showers and high-ceilings. In reality, many of us have much smaller spaces to work with, but there are still a variety of tiling styles which can help you create a dream bathroom finish.


1) White Tiles

white tiles

In a small space white surfaces can create a feeling of openness, a technique which could prove very useful in small bathrooms. A great example are these white Moonstone tiles from Navarro Tiles, which will create a modern, bright and luxurious finish. To enhance the feeling of space these tiles can be paired with an all-white colour scheme, which will create a fresh and clean bathroom with a minimalistic style.

2) Marble Tiles

marble tiles

Marble tiles can be a great addition to a small bathroom, as the unique patterns and gloss finish can be used to create an illusion of more space. For example, using the same marble wall tiles along the side of a bath will make it harder to see where each section begins, which will make the overall room feel bigger. These luxurious Regency Marble tiles provide a marble effect gloss finish, with both plain and decorative styles that can be paired to create a premium feel.


3) Large Tiles

large tiles

Although very large tiles may not be the best tiling idea in a small space, there is no need to stick to really small tiles. Relatively large square tiles measuring between 30cm and 60cm will create a calming feel, especially if neutral colours such as white, cream or beige are chosen. A great example are the Navarro Weller tiles, which are available in a variety of tones and sizes.


4) Monochrome Tiles

monochrome tiles

A great tiling idea for small spaces are black and white monochrome tiles with a gloss finish, as the surface will reflect light around a bathroom. In addition, the monochrome style will create a sophisticated feel, especially when paired with matching accessories. These Landmade tiles are available in a range of colours, which will allow tilers to make the most of a small space.



5) Patterned Tiles

patterned tiles

If you are looking to make a statement, patterned tiles are a great tiling idea for those looking to create a unique style. If you are tiling a small bathroom, patterned tiles will allow you to turn a small space into a focal feature. A great tip is to focus the patterned tiles on a small area, such as the splashback behind a sink or behind a bath, as it will stop a small space becoming too overcrowded. The Navarro Luxor range is a great example of a patterned tile which can be used as a focal point in a small bathroom.


6) Diagonal Tiles

diagonal tiles

A great tip is to lay tiles in a diagonal pattern rather than standard squared styles, as it naturally draws attention to the longest dimensions within the room. A herringbone pattern is a popular choice, with these wood-effect Chateau tiles a great choice for a small neutral bathroom. These porcelain tiles have a matt finish with subtle variations that mimic natural grains of wood.




7) Textured Tiles

textured tiles

In addition to choosing between standard matt and gloss tiles, it is worth considering the texture of tiles. A textured gloss tile will enhance the space when using darker colours, whereas matt textured tiles can add definition to a bathroom. These Motown tiles feature a rippled gloss finish, with a range of elegant colours available.


8) Coloured Tiles

coloured tiles

The use of colour can have a drastic impact on the spaciousness of a bathroom, with coloured floor tiles a great option when paired with white walls. These Imagine tiles feature a black, white and grey pattern which will create an excellent contrast to plain white wall tiles, whilst also adding a decorative touch to the space.

9) Stone Tiles

textured tiles

A natural-coloured stone tile will create an elegant feel in a small bathroom, especially when used on both the wall and floor. Using the same tile throughout will create a feeling of continuity, which will in turn make the bathroom feel bigger and less restricted. These Lennon tiles are available in 3 possible finishes, with both decorative and plain options available.

Here at Quantum, we pride ourselves on offering our expert tiling knowledge and tips to our customers, so we hope you have found this list of tiling ideas for small bathrooms useful. If you would like to find out more about stocking any of the Quantum products, please contact our experienced team today.