A Guide to Diamond Blades for the Tile Industry

In the precision-driven world of tiling, the tools you use can make a significant difference in both the outcome and the efficiency of your work. Among these tools, diamond blades are a key component in every tilers kit, offering unmatched durability, precision, and versatility. This guide explores the design details of diamond blades, their use, and features key products always prove popular with tilers across the UK and Ireland.

Understanding Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are a great example of modern engineering, designed to cut through the toughest materials with precision and ease. These blades are constructed with a steel core and a diamond-bearing segment attached to the perimeter. The diamonds, set in a metal matrix, grind away material as the blade spins, making them ideal for cutting a wide range of materials.

  • Steel Core: The core supports the outer segment and provides the blade’s stability.
  • Diamond Segment: This is the cutting part of the blade, where small industrial-grade diamonds are embedded within a metal matrix.

Diamond blades cut materials by grinding rather than sawing, with the diamond segment acting as an abrasive. This method allows for precise, clean cuts with minimal chipping, with the following advice always proving useful:

  • Blade Cooling: When using wet cutting blades, ensure adequate water flow to prevent overheating and prolong blade life.
  • Cutting Speed: Match the blade speed with the material. Harder materials require a slower cutting speed to allow the diamonds to grind effectively.
  • Blade Dressing: If a diamond blade begins to cut slowly or stops cutting, it may need to be “dressed” by cutting into a dressing stone or abrasive material to expose new diamonds.

Choosing the Right Diamond Blade

Selecting the appropriate diamond blade for your project depends on several factors:

  • Material: The hardness of the material you’re cutting will dictate the type of diamond blade needed. Harder materials require a blade with a softer metal matrix to expose new diamonds more quickly.
  • Wet vs. Dry Cutting: Wet cutting blades are designed for use with water to prevent overheating and reduce dust. Dry cutting blades are used without water, making them more suitable for quick jobs or where water use is impractical.
  • Cut Quality: The finish you require also influences your choice. For a clean cut with minimal chipping, a continuous rim blade is recommended.

Recent advancements have significantly improved diamond blade efficiency and lifespan. These include the development of laser-welded segments for increased durability and the introduction of turbo rims that combine fast cutting with a relatively smooth finish.

Popular Diamond Blades

1. 115mm Diamond Disc Blade (L15ST)

Ideal for hard materials, this blade offers precision cutting with its high RPM and compact diameter, making it perfect for porcelain, ceramic, and granite.


2. DART Red Ten RT-10 Smooth Cut Diamond Ceramic Blade

This blade is designed for a smooth, chip-free finish on all tile types, featuring a continuous rim for seamless cutting.


3. DART Red Ten ST-10 Super Thin Diamond Tile Blade

With its super-thin design, this blade offers rapid cutting without sacrificing accuracy, suitable for a range of tiling materials.


4. Diamond3 Yellow Blade

This premium blade is tailored for wet cutting, especially porcelain tiles, ensuring precision cuts with its continuous rim.



A versatile blade that can be used wet or dry, offering excellent performance on porcelain stoneware and hard ceramics.


6. MONTOLIT Turmont Continuous Rim Blade

Designed for cutting porcelain stoneware, marble, and ceramic, this blade works well with various cutting tools for both wet and dry applications.

7. Raimondi Continuous Rim Diamond Blade

Specifically engineered for porcelain, this blade guarantees clean cuts, making it a preferred choice for professionals.

8. Spirex Pro Diamond Blade

This ultra-thin blade is designed for dry cutting, excelling in precision work on porcelain, marble, and granite.


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