An expert guide to wet room installations

aquatank waterproofing kit

In the world of professional tiling, wet room installations are both a demanding task and an exciting opportunity for trade professionals, and here at Quantum, we recognise the complexities involved in creating not just functional but visually stunning wet rooms. This comprehensive guide is designed to take a closer look at our expert solutions, products, and insights, exclusively available throughout our distributor network.

Choosing the Products for Wet Room Success


1. Water Resistant Primers:

tile primer

A primer serves as the essential preparatory layer within wetroom tiling, setting the stage for a successful installation. Designed to enhance adhesion and promote the longevity of tile applications, a primer creates a receptive surface, ensuring that subsequent layers adhere seamlessly.


Recommended Product: AquaTank Pro-Tile Primer

This professional grade, multipurpose liquid latex is designed for use as a water resistant primer, flexi-additive and bonding agent. It improves the water resistance, flexibility and long term durability of renders, floor screeds, concrete and patching mortar. Especially useful in areas subject to high humidity, dampness and continuous water contact.


2. Waterproofing Tapes:

waterproofing tapeIn the constant battle against moisture, waterproofing tapes are a reliable defence against water, providing an impermeable barrier against water intrusion. These tapes are designed to seal seams, joints, and critical areas in various applications, serving as an essential component in protecting structures from the damaging effects of water.

Recommended Product: AquaTank SA Tape+

This self-adhesive, flexible tape is designed for use in conjunction with AquaTank Neo-Flex Membrane. The tape creates an effective waterproof layer in corners, connections between the floor and wall, joins between panels, pipe or balustrade junctions and bathroom outlets. At 750mm wide the tape is easy to use and provides totally waterproof joints.


3. Waterproofing Membranes:

waterproofing membraneA membrane acts as a versatile layer that provides a protective barrier against moisture, ensuring surfaces remain impervious to water damage. Deployed in various applications such as roofing, flooring, and wet room installations, membranes provide a seamless shield that adapts to the unique demands of each project. By offering robust protection against water infiltration, membranes contribute to the longevity and durability of structures, making them an integral component in safeguarding surfaces from the challenges posed by moisture.

Recommended Product: AquaTank Neo-Flex Membrane:

A flexible liquid tanking membrane designed for waterproofing substrates or joints between panels when used in conjunction with the AquaTank SA Tape+ above. Water based and eco-friendly, this membrane will provide total water-resistance in areas such as bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms.


4. Waterproof Movement Matting

Waterproof movement mattings are engineered to provide superior protection against water damage while accommodating the natural shifts and expansions that occur in tiled surfaces.

Recommended Product: StructaMat WP

Within our Structamat range we have a variety of movement mattings, with our waterproof option providing superior protection from substrate movement. The innovative 3-ply waterproof membrane has a minimal height build-up and is suitable for use on most substrates including timber floors, concrete and underfloor heating.


Star Product: AquaTank Kit

Waterproofing kits set new standards in wet room installations and are designed to form a robust barrier against moisture, preventing leaks and ensuring the long-term structural integrity of wet room projects. A great example is the AquaTank kit which is a complete waterproofing system designed for the protection of substrates in wet areas, such as beneath ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and mosaic tiles. The kit comes everything you need to completely waterproof a 10m sq. wall or floor area ready for tiling. This superior product provides the convenience of an all in one solution with complete waterproof protection.

aquatank waterproofing kit

Efficient Wet Room Installations with the Quantum Range

Here at Quantum we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions, high-quality products and professional advice, so that your wet room projects are set for excellence. Ready to elevate your wet room installations? Explore Quantum’s exclusive range of products and find your nearest stockist today! If you are interested in stocking our range within your shop, please contact our dedicated sales team.