uncoupling membranes

A guide to uncoupling membranes

Uncoupling membranes. often referred to as movement mattings, are designed to overcome a variety of potential tiling problems, which naturally makes them a very popular choice with professional tilers. These useful membranes will uncouple the layer of tiles from the substrate below, which reduces any potential stresses, whilst assisting with waterproofing, heat exchange and evaporation. …

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tiling ideas

Top tiling ideas for small bathrooms

If you have been searching for bathroom tiling ideas it is likely you have found many images of large stunning bathrooms with free-standing baths, separate showers and high-ceilings. In reality, many of us have much smaller spaces to work with, but there are still a variety of tiling styles which can help you create a …

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square tiles

A guide to choosing and laying square tiles

Square tiles are one of the most popular tile styles, providing a practical, durable and economical surface for walls and floors. As one of the most basic and versatile tile shapes, square tiles are available in small mosaic sizes up to large format tiles with measurements of 1200 x 1200mm or even larger. Traditionally, tiles …

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What PPE should be worn when tiling?

Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is very important, as there are many potential hazards during a tiling project. If you want to ensure you are as protected as possible from potential injuries when working with tiles, tile cutters, blades, adhesive and grout, our latest blog will take you through the various types of PPE required. …

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Quantum – A wholesale supplier of class leading tiling brands

Quantum – Supplying class leading tiling brands throughout the UK & Ireland

Here at Quantum, we are proud to stock the leading tiling brands within the tiling and wet room industry. The array of brands we offer is a reflection of our close relationship with manufacturers within the tiling sector. Through our industry knowledge, experience and customer feedback, we have hand-selected a range of more than 3000 …

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Movement Joint

A guide to the installation of movement joints

Movement joints, otherwise known as expansion joints and stress relieving joints are used within tiled surfaces to break a large area into separate sections. A tiled surface is rigid in its design, so if there is movement in the surface there will be damage to the tiles, if movement joints are not used. The design …

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Large Format Tiles

A guide to laying large format tiles

In recent years large format tiles have become a popular choice, thanks to their easy maintenance and ability to visually increase the size of the room. However, as tiles increase in size, there are some steps you will need to follow to ensure a successful high-quality installation. Useful tools and accessories Baseboard panels Montolit Superstick …

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tiling trims

How to compare and choose the best tiling trims

How to compare and choose the best tiling trims Although tiling trims are a beautiful addition to a tiling project, they also serve a practical purpose, as they designed to cover sharp and rough tile edges. There are so many potential tiling trim styles available, from basic PVC trims through to luxury powder-coated coloured metal …

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How to calculate how many tiles you need

One of the most important steps in any tiling project is calculating how many tiles you need, and in our latest blog we take you through the key steps to follow to ensure you are able to calculate the exact number of tiles needed. Step 1: Measure wall or floor areas The first step is …

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Introducing the innovative ARKIMEDE Adjustable Paving Pedestal

We are pleased to introduce the innovative ARKIMEDE Adjustable Paving Pedestal, the latest product to join our extensive range of outdoor tiling equipment. These pedestals are the ideal choice for those looking to create a perfectly level outdoor surface, such as a raised tiled area, terrace or deck space. How do paving support pedestal work? …

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