tile displays

Creative Display Techniques for Tile Retailers

In the competitive world of retail, the visual appeal and functionality of your displays play a crucial role in attracting customers and boosting sales. For tile retailers, where the product variety is vast and the applications diverse, creating effective displays is essential. This blog post explores various creative techniques for displaying tiles of all sizes, …

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A Tile Selection Guide – Choosing the Right Tiles for Different Spaces

Selecting the perfect tiles for your space is more than a matter of aesthetic preference; it’s about finding the right balance between functionality, durability, and style. Tiles are not just a finishing touch; they are a significant element that defines the character and atmosphere of a space. This comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you …

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A Guide to Diamond Blades for the Tile Industry

In the precision-driven world of tiling, the tools you use can make a significant difference in both the outcome and the efficiency of your work. Among these tools, diamond blades are a key component in every tilers kit, offering unmatched durability, precision, and versatility. This guide explores the design details of diamond blades, their use, …

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The History and Evolution of Tiling Tools

Tiling is an art form that dates back millennia, with the earliest known examples found in the pyramids of Egypt and the ancient palaces of Mesopotamia. These historical feats of architecture stand testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the tilers during these periods. From the simplest tools to the sophisticated equipment of today, the …

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tiling trends

Choosing the Right Grout Colour: Tips and Trends

Selecting the perfect grout colour can be just as crucial as picking the tile itself. It can influence the look and feel of the tiled area, and it also has an impact on the overall design of the space. In our latest blog post, we explore the grout colours, from the bright whites to the …

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aquatank waterproofing kit

An expert guide to wet room installations

In the world of professional tiling, wet room installations are both a demanding task and an exciting opportunity for trade professionals, and here at Quantum, we recognise the complexities involved in creating not just functional but visually stunning wet rooms. This comprehensive guide is designed to take a closer look at our expert solutions, products, …

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Building Synergy: Effective Communication

In the intricate world of tile installations, success extends beyond quality materials to the collaborative dance between tilers and other construction trades. Join us as we explore the significance of seamless collaboration, unravel the common communication challenges faced on construction sites, and provide practical strategies for fostering harmonious workflows. Construction sites and tiling distribution centres …

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Tiling Beyond the Basics: Expert Techniques and Insights

Tiling is a skill that requires mastery of the fundamentals, but what sets a professional tiler apart is their ability to go beyond the basics. This blog post will explore some expert techniques and provide valuable insights that can take your tiling projects to the next level. Perfecting the Tile Layout For seasoned tilers, the …

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Achieving Flawless Tile Installations: Overcoming Challenges in Cutting and Layouts

Precision is the hallmark of a master tiler, and achieving flawless tile installations requires overcoming specific challenges in cutting and intricate layouts. At Quantum Group NI, we understand the complexities that professional tilers face and offer insights into navigating these challenges for impeccable results. Challenge 1: Cutting Challenges One of the foremost challenges for tilers …

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