Efficiency in Tiling: Streamlining Your Projects with Quantum’s Range of Tiling Products

In the competitive and demanding world of professional tiling, efficiency is a necessity. Here at Quantum, we understand that time is of the essence and quality is paramount, which is why we have created a range of products designed to enhance productivity, precision, and overall project excellence. In our latest blog post, we take a closer look at the key product ranges which can improve both efficiency and project quality,


1. High-performance tile adhesives

Efficiency begins in the foundations of a project, and when it comes to tiling, the adhesive you choose is crucial. Our team are proud to offer a range of high-performance adhesives from UltraTile which are designed to streamline your tiling process:

Ultratile ProGrip FX – This single part semi-rapid setting adhesive is specially formulated to provide enhanced adhesion and flexibility, making it the perfect choice for areas where slight movement or vibration can occur.

Ultratile ProFlex SP – This rapid setting adhesive offers unparalleled flexibility and enhanced adhesion, and is formulated with innovative FibreBond technology, providing exceptional grab and enhanced body, especially suitable for large format tiles

Ultratile ProFlex SPES – This single part standard setting adhesive is specially formulated with extended workability, enhanced adhesion, and flexibility.

Ultratile ProRapid RS – With its rapid setting capabilities and outstanding flexibility, this adhesive is a must-have for any trade expert seeking superior performance. Built to excel with ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles.


2. Precision in every tile with tile levelling systems


Tile levelling systems are designed to help tilers achieve a perfectly level and evenly spaced tiled surface, with clip and wedge systems being very quick and easy to use. Our Tylix range is a great example, and the range includes clips, wedges and pliers which lock tiles in place to prevent slumping during drying, while also removing substrate imperfections. The clips are simple and quick to use thanks to the bevelled clip edges, with a strong and flexible design that does not suffer from accidental breakages.


3. Time-saving tile spacers


Standard tile spacers are also a great way to create neat and etile spacers
ven patterns, whilst also helping to prevent lateral movement. The most popular styles are the traditional cross-shaped spacers, which are used by tilers around the world on a daily basis. These are commonly used within the intersection of four tiles, where the corners meet and the spacer is able to slide neatly into the gap below the tile surface. This results in evenly spaced gaps, with the spacer easy to remove once adhesive is dry. The cross shaped spacers can also be used in a matchstick style, which is common if the corners of tiles do not meet at an intersection. There are also t-shaped spacers which are perfect for using at the intersection of three tiles, so they are often used when a tile meets a trim or when laying tiles in a subway/metro style brick pattern. In recent years, hexagonal and octagonal shaped tiles have risen in popularity, so we also stock spacers designed for these specific shapes, such as our ‘Y’ spacers and the useful Hexagonal Spacers.


4. Grout with confidence


Efficiency doesn’t stop at tile placement – it extends to the finishing touches. The grout lines are designed to prevent water, dust and dirt from accumulating in the inevitable gaps between tiles, whilst also ensuring the tiles are able to withstand movement, thermal expansion and variations in tiles. In addition, whether you are looking to emphasise an interesting tile layout or let the tiles stand out, choosing the perfect grout for tiles is another important aspect of successful tiling.


Our UltraTile ProGrout Flexible is the ultimate grouting solution for trade professionals. Designed for all tile types, it ensures vibrant and durable finishes with ColourShield technology. Perfect for wetrooms, swimming pools, and underfloor heating, its easy wash-down feature requires minimal effort. With a joint thickness range of 1-20mm, it offers versatility, while the 30-60 minutes pot life allows for efficient application.


5. Complete waterproofing kits


Excellent tiling extends beyond the visible layers, and the best waterproofing kits set high-standards for wet room installations. These comprehensive kits provide a robust barrier against moisture, preventing leaks and ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your projects.

aquatank kit
Our AquaTank Kit helps to streamline your waterproofing process whilst enhancing the efficiency of your tiling projects. The complete kit includes everything you need to waterproof an area, including these key components:

  • 1. An a-grade, multi-purpose liquid latex which acts as a water resistant primer, bonding agent and flexi-addictive to improve water resistance, flexibility and long term durability of renders, floor screeds, concrete and patching mortar.

2. The 750mm wide AquaTank SA+ Tape is a self-adhesive, flexible tape which is designed for use with the AquaTank Neo-Flex Membrane. The tape is a key component of creating an effective waterproof layer in corners, wall and floor connections, panel joins, pipe and balustrade junctions and bathroom outlets.

  • 3. The flexible liquid tanking membrane is a key component of the AquaTank kit and is designed for use with the SA+ Tape when waterproofing joints or substrates. This water based membrane is eco-friendly and will provide total water-resistance in areas such as bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. The membrane is designed for internal use only and its striking colour will provide a useful indication of completeness of coverage.


6. Professional tools for professional results


Efficiency requires the right tools, from trowels to tile cutting equipment, with the best tools designed to cater to the unique demands of your tiling projects. It is important to invest in quality tools that streamline your work, enhance precision, and contribute to the overall efficiency of your tiling projects. Our Tylix range includes a range of innovative tiling tools and accessories that cater to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts, with products carefully designed to enhance the tiling experience through exceptional performance and durability. The comprehensive range includes notch trowels, grout removers, combination spreaders, grout floats, taper floats, and even tiling wash bucket sets. Each tool is meticulously designed and crafted with top-quality materials to elevate your tiling projects to new heights.

Elevate your efficiency with Quantum


Efficiency is the key to success and our range of advanced products is crafted to streamline your tiling process, saving you time without compromising on quality. From high-performance adhesives to precision levelling systems and comprehensive waterproofing solutions, we are your partner in achieving efficient and outstanding tiling results. Ready to streamline your tiling process and elevate your projects? Explore Quantum’s range of products or contact our dedicated team to find your nearest stockist in the UK or Ireland.