Introducing a new range of tiling products from leading Italian brand Raimondi

Leading Italian brand Raimondi are well-known for their product research, so every single product in the extensive range is designed to meet the needs of professional tilers. From the small tools such through to the large tile cutting machines, our hand-picked selection of new Raimondi products offer improved quality, reduced fatigue and increased productivity.

The following products are just a selection of the Raimondi range which we are pleased to offer our customers:

Tile levellers and spacers

The Raimondi R.L.S levelling system and wide range of spacers are designed to create evenly spaced and level tiles, with products including everything from an innovative clip and wedge levelling system through to spacers that are designed for octagonal and hexagonal tiles.

1. Raimondi Levelling System Kit – The Raimondi levelling kit is the perfect starter package for professional tilers thanks to its excellent performance and ease of use. The kit is able to level even the heaviest of tiles, so not only will tilers benefit from a professional finish but the installation process will also be much faster.


2. Raimondi HD Levelling Clips – A range of heavy-duty clips with sizes available from 1.5mm through to 3mm, these packs are available in a range of quantities to suit every tiling project. We are also pleased to stock 1.5mm tall levelling clips which are ideal when installing tiles with a thickness of between 12-20mm.

3. Raimondi ‘Y’ Tile Spacers – These 3mm tile spacers feature a ‘Y’ shaped design, with angles that will ensure hexagonal and octagonal shaped tiles are easily spaced.

Tiling accessories

1. Raimondi Continuous Rim Diamond Blade – This diamond blade is specifically designed to cut through porcelain, featuring a versatile 250mm diameter and a 25.4mm bore size.


2. Raimondi Concertina Rubber Knee Pads – The ribbed design of these knee pads makes them ideal for use when preparing sand or mortar layouts, as they will both protect the knees and prevent particles from becoming trapped.


3. Raimondi Fido Hand Support – A comfortable, stable and safe tiling support that is ideal for use when spreading adhesive, and when placing, adjusting and cleaning tiles. The ergonomic design will distribute bodyweight evenly to relieve fatigue, whilst also increase the working area range to reduce installation time.


4. Raimondi Sheet Presser Roller – This roller is designed to help lay decoupling mattings and preformed membranes quickly and easily. Featuring a height adjustable handle, a roller design to ensure full coverable, a folding design and comfortable double handles.

5. Raimondi Berta Grout Machine – The ideal choice for professionally cleaning grout from tiled floors. The electrosponge is designed to efficiently remove cement based or epoxy resin grout from terracotta, porcelain, ceramic, marble, natural stone and quarry tiles, so that you benefit from a professional finish.


Electric tile saws and cutters

1. Raimondi Eco 92 – A powerful and robust saw featuring a stainless-steel table, tilting design, extendable cutting guide and detachable base. We have a 110V and 230V version available, with both designs including a 200mm diamond blade.


2. Raimondi Bolt 120 and Raimondi Bolt 150 – The Bolt tile cutters are premium machines that are designed for cutting porcelain, ceramic, marble and granite tiles.

• Maximum thickness of cut: 55mm or 65mm in a double pass
• Features a high-capacity blade water-cooling system with double jets
• Sliding head with plunge cut facility, tilts for mitring
• Coated metal frame with aluminium work benches for maximum sturdiness and easy cleaning
• Detachable legs for easy transportation
• Adjustable pulleys to avoid play and improve cut precision

3. Raimondi Mistral 120 and 150 – The latest tile cutter from Raimondi, this superior plunge cut machine is ideal for cutting porcelain, ceramic, marble and granite tiles.

• Features a high-capacity blade water-cooling system with double jets.
• Maximum thickness of cut: 100mm or 135mm in a double pass when using a 350mm disc
• Aluminium sliding bar and disc cover with coated metal frame
• Re-adjustable aluminium square
• Motor moves on 4 polypropylene pulleys, with each pulley reinforced with 2 internal bearings

• Pulleys are easy to re-adjust, so that play can be avoided and cuts are precise
• Motor is held in place by a galvanised metal frame
• Tilting legs and a tilting movement for 0/45-degree cuts


Quantum Group NI – A wholesale supplier of Raimondi products

Here at Quantum, we are proud to offer our expanding range of Raimondi products to retailers, wholesalers and builders’ merchants throughout the UK and Ireland. Our experienced team are passionate about sourcing the best-quality tiling products and we are sure the expanding Raimondi range will prove to be popular with professional tilers. If you would like to find out more about stocking these innovative products or would like to find your nearest supplier, please contact our team today.


Alternatively to view our Raimondi product brochure, please CLICK HERE.