Introducing our new Quick Level Spin System range

spin system

Tile levelling systems are designed to make it as easy as possible to lay a flat and evenly tiled surface, and we are pleased to be introducing a new spin system to our extensive range. Our new Quick Level Spin System is designed to help tilers achieve a consistent finish when tiling both walls and floors, and we are sure that the convenience of this cylinder head and screw design will prove to be very popular.

What is the Quick Level Spin System

Not only will our new spin system save tilers time and effort, but the innovative design will eliminate lippage to create a professional finish every time. The versatile design includes a re-usable cylinder head, with screws available in thicknesses of either 1mm or 2mm. The head and screw will tighten together to create a levelling system for use with tiles between 3 and 22mm thick, which makes this a great system for large format tiles.


spin system

What are the benefits of the Quick Level Spin System?

• Can be used to level both wall and floor tiles.
• The robust system will apply even pressure across the tile surface, thanks to the large size of the cylinder head.
• Ideal for tilers who are looking for great control when levelling large tiles.
• The quick level spacer screws are available in either 1mm or 2mm widths, and will ensure a consistent grout line is achieved.
• Suitable for tile thicknesses of 3mm to 22mm.
• The cylinder head includes a scratch proof disc to prevent damage during tightening.
• Unlike clip and wedge systems which require an application tool, the cylinder can be tightened by hand as no specialist tools are required.
• The cylinder head can be re-used, so there are excellent savings to be made in comparison to many other systems.

How does the levelling system work?

spin system

1) Insert the base of the screw beneath the tile surface.

2) Align the base of the cylinder head with the top of the screw and continue to turn in a clockwise direction until the base is level with the tiles.

3) Once tiles are level and the adhesive is set, knock the cylinder head away from the tiles with a rubber mallet.

4) Squeeze the top of the cylinder head to release the screw.

5) The cylinder head can be reused with a new screw.


Are you interested in stocking our new Quick Level Spin System?

As a leading supplier of tiling and wet room products throughout the UK and Ireland, we are passionate about providing our customers with the most innovative products available within the tiling industry. If you would like to find out more about stocking our new Quick Level Spin System, please contact our team today and we will be happy to discuss our bulk discount prices.