New Products from Montolit: Elevate Your Tiling Projects with ATLAS and GECONE

As a professional tiler, the tools you use are crucial to your success. Montolit, a leader in innovative tiling tools, understands this and continually strives to provide high-quality, cutting-edge solutions for tiling professionals. We are thrilled to introduce two ground-breaking additions to our range: the ATLAS Professional Adjustable Support System and the GECONE Professional Battery-Operated Suction Cup. These products are designed to enhance the precision, efficiency, and safety of your tiling projects, setting new standards for professionals worldwide. Let’s delve into the details of these remarkable tools and see how they can elevate your tiling projects.

ATLAS: Revolutionising Tile Cutting Support

The Challenge of Cutting Large Tiles

Cutting large tiles has always posed a significant challenge for tilers. When making a cut on the shorter side of a lengthy tile, the overhanging portion often leads to imbalance and breakages. Traditional solutions like using sponges, plastic bottles, or broken tile pieces to support the overhang are makeshift and unreliable, leading to inconsistent results and potential waste.

Introducing ATLAS

The ATLAS Professional Adjustable Support System is specifically engineered to tackle these challenges head-on:

  • Adjustable Height: The ATLAS support system features an adjustable height mechanism that allows it to seamlessly adapt to almost any professional tile cutter on the market. This versatility makes it a perfect match for the Montolit Masterpiuma P5, as well as other popular tile cutters.
  • Spring System: One of the standout features of ATLAS is its spring system, which allows the tile to lower slightly during the split. The resistance of this system is adjustable, catering to tiles of various weights and thicknesses. This ensures a clean, precise cut every time.
  • Non-slip Base: The ATLAS is equipped with a non-slip base, which ensures that it remains firmly in position during use. This stability is crucial for achieving accurate cuts and preventing accidents.
  • Proudly Italian: Designed and manufactured in Italy, ATLAS guarantees top-notch quality and craftsmanship. Montolit’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of this tool.
  • Eco-friendly: ATLAS is made from durable, recyclable ABS plastic. This not only makes it extremely robust and long-lasting but also environmentally responsible.
  • Patent Protected: The unique design of ATLAS is shielded by international patent rights, ensuring that this innovative tool remains exclusive to Montolit.

With these features, ATLAS mitigates the risk of tile breakages, ensuring precise, efficient, and professional cuts every time. Say goodbye to makeshift solutions and elevate your tiling work with ATLAS.

GECONE: The Ultimate Battery-Operated Suction Cup

The Need for Reliable Tile Handling

Handling large tiles, glass, granite, and marble manually can be challenging and risky. Without the right tools, there’s a high risk of dropping and damaging these materials, leading to costly waste and potential injury. Professional tilers need a reliable, efficient solution for lifting and handling these materials safely.

Introducing GECONE

The GECONE Professional Battery-Operated Suction Cup is Montolit’s answer to this need. This innovative tool is designed for the manual lifting and handling of ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass, granite, and marble. Let’s explore the advanced features that make GECONE a must-have for every professional tiler:

  • Electronic Control Display: The GECONE is equipped with an electronic control display, which provides real-time monitoring for optimal performance. This ensures that the suction cup is always operating at peak efficiency, giving you confidence in its reliability.
  • Three Interchangeable Sealing Rings: GECONE comes with three specialised sealing rings, each tailored to different surfaces:
    • Black Rubber Sealing Ring: Ideal for high-thickness tiles, this ring can handle a maximum vertical load of 200kg and a maximum diagonal load of 100kg.
    • Foam Sealing Ring: Perfect for corrugated surfaces, this ring has a maximum vertical load of 180kg and a maximum diagonal load of 50kg.
    • Red Non-Marking Rubber Sealing Ring: Suitable for standard tiles and thin tiles (with an added central insert), this ring supports a maximum vertical load of 180kg and a maximum diagonal load of 50kg.
  • Non-Stop 8-Hour Operation: The GECONE is powered by two robust 12VDC Li-ion batteries, each with a capacity of 1.5 Ah (18Wh). This setup ensures continuous operation for up to 8 hours, with a quick charging time of just 2 hours.
  • Automatic Fail-Safe System: One of the key safety features of GECONE is its automatic fail-safe system. In case of a power failure, such as an accidental battery release, the system secures the load, preventing any sudden drops.
  • Safety Features:
    • Pressure Maintenance: If the pressure starts to release, the GECONE automatically increases it to the correct level.
    • Battery Backup: If the battery dies, the GECONE maintains its grip on the tile, allowing you time to replace the battery.
    • Secure Release: The release button must be pressed for at least 3 seconds to release the tile, preventing accidental drops.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The GECONE weighs only 1.60kg and has a contact surface size of 300 x 160mm. It comes in a hard plastic carry case for easy transport and storage.

GECONE offers unmatched lifting and suction power, having been tested up to 180kg and guaranteed to hold 100kg on a vertical angle. This versatile tool is essential for professional tilers seeking reliable and efficient tile handling solutions.

Elevate Your Tiling Projects

Both ATLAS and GECONE exemplify Montolit’s commitment to providing innovative, high-quality tools for professional tilers. These tools are designed to meet the evolving needs of tilers, ensuring top-quality results and greater ease in every project.

Why Choose Montolit’s New Tools?

  1. Enhanced Precision: Both ATLAS and GECONE are engineered to deliver precise results. The adjustable features and electronic controls ensure that every cut and lift is executed with accuracy.
  2. Increased Efficiency: With tools like ATLAS and GECONE, tilers can work more efficiently, reducing the time spent on each project and increasing overall productivity.
  3. Improved Safety: Safety is a top priority for Montolit. The automatic fail-safe system in GECONE and the non-slip base of ATLAS ensure that tilers can work with confidence, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: Montolit is committed to sustainability. Both ATLAS and GECONE are made from recyclable materials, reducing their environmental impact.

Montolit continues to lead the industry with tools designed to meet the evolving needs of professionals, and we are proud to stock the ATLAS Professional Adjustable Support System and the GECONE Professional Battery-Operated Suction Cup. If you are interested in adding these tools to your product range, please contact our dedicated sales team today.