Dukkaboard Isomat Movement Matting

An innovative crack bridging, decoupling membrane which provides excellent protection against problem substrates. Ideal for use with most substrates, including concrete and timber floors, resulting in a rot proof and durable finish.

  • Ultrathin – less than 1mm thick
  • 1m roll width
  • 50m roll length

Product Code: 4997



The Dukkaboard Isomat movement matting is an innovative crack bridging, decoupling membrane that will provide brilliant protection from problem substrates, including timber, concrete and heated floors. As a versatile matting solution, it is compatible with all types of tiles and natural stone, whilst being lightweight, ultrathin and very easy to install.


By creating a layer between the substrate and the tiled layer, any movement, expansion or contraction will not transfer through to the tiles. Despite being lightweight, this decoupling matting is very durable, breathable, resistant to rot and alkalis, so the risks associated with tile failure and cracking are eliminated.


The matting contains a range of recycled materials, which means it has less impact on the environment than some alternative movement matting options. When working with traditional building materials, the Dukkaboard Isomat movement matting is the ideal solution.