ThermoSphere Vario Membrane Heating Cables

The ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cables brings underfloor heating and uncoupling technology together in one fast track system. Save time by preparing substrates and installing electric underfloor heating all in one go.

Flexible underfloor heating layout

Suitable for use over new anhydrite, cementitious & green screeds

Waterproofing properties

Stud design allows two cable layouts for optimal heat output

Combine with the Thermosphere Vario Pro Membrane and benefit from a build up of only 5.5mm

Lifetime warranty

An IP68 rated floor heating system

Product Codes: 5290.012, 5290.018, 5290.025, 5290.031, 5290.037, 5290.050, 5290.061, 5290.075, 5290.100, 5290.125, 5290.150, 5290.200




There are two key components to the ideal electric underfloor heating for tile or stone floors. The first is the unique Thermosphere Vario Heating Cable and the second is the Vario Pro Membrane. The stud design allows you to choose between two cable layouts to achieve your ideal heat output. Using a two-stud spacing for an output of 195W/m2 (ideal for wet rooms) and a three-stud spacing for an output of 130W/m2 (great for well-insulated buildings).

The waterproofing properties of the Membrane combined with the efficiency of the ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cables makes the system ideal for use in wet room projects, resulting in an IP68 rated floor heating system that can simply be tanked to create a luxurious feel to wet rooms.

As with all Thermosphere underfloor heating systems, these cables and membranes are backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty when the installation is registered.


Control with ease

Maximise the efficiency of your electric underfloor heating system by choosing the thermostat that suits your lifestyle from our range of Thermosphere products.

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1.15m2, 1.73m2, 11.54m2, 13.85m2, 18.46m2, 2.31m2, 2.88m2, 3.46m2, 4.62m2, 5.77m2, 6.92m2, 9.23m2