UltraTile ProLevel Fibre: Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller

PROLEVEL FIBRE: The ultimate floor leveller for trade professionals.

This single-part, high-strength leveller features rapid drying and curing properties. Its advanced formulation includes graded fillers, cements, polymers, and fibres for enhanced strength and application ease. With FibreBond technology, achieve a strong, even base ready for tiling in just 8 hours. The leveller offers excellent flexibility for timber floors and underfloor heating systems, accommodating diverse projects. It sets in 3 hours, with a depth range of 3-75mm. PROLEVEL FIBRE conforms to CT C35 F6 EN 13813 classification and comes in a convenient 20kg size. Trust its lifetime guarantee for reliability and excellence.

  • For internal and external floors
  • Can be used as  a light duty wearing course
  • Foot traffic in as little as 2-2.5 hours
  • Ready to receive floor coverings after 4 hours
  • Use over most strong and stable subfloors
  • Fibre reinforced with flexible properties
  • UFH compatible
  • Low odour
  • Protein free
  • Internal use
  • Formulated with FibreBond technology
  • Excellent flexibility for timber floors and underfloor heating systems
  • 3-75mm depth
  • 3 hours set time
  • Tile after 8 hours
  • 20kg : 3.4L mixing ratio
  • Conforms to CT C35 F6 EN 13813 classification
  • Size: 20kg
  • Lifetime guarantee

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Discover the Power of PROLEVEL FIBRE: The Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller for Exceptional Results

Are you ready to take your flooring projects to the next level? Look no further than PROLEVEL FIBRE, the ultimate solution for trade professionals seeking high strength, rapid drying, and curing concrete floor levelling. With its advanced formulation incorporating a precise blend of specially graded fillers, cements, polymers, and fibres, PROLEVEL FIBRE delivers outstanding performance and efficiency like never before.

Experience the Difference of FibreBond Technology

PROLEVEL FIBRE is formulated with cutting-edge FibreBond technology, revolutionising the way you level floors. This innovative fibre technology not only aids in easy application but also enhances the strength of the leveller, resulting in a robust, sound, and impeccably even base. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and hello to a flawless foundation that’s ready for tiling in just 8 hours.

Unmatched Flexibility for Every Project

With PROLEVEL FIBRE, flexibility is key. Its excellent flexibility is specifically designed to accommodate timber floors and underfloor heating systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of flooring installations. Now you can achieve stunning results without compromising on performance, even in challenging environments.

Versatility in Depth and Speed

No project is too big or too small for PROLEVEL FIBRE. With a depth range of 3-75mm, this leveller provides exceptional versatility, allowing you to tackle various flooring requirements with ease. Plus, with its rapid 3-hour set time, you can accelerate your project timelines and minimise downtime, getting you one step closer to the perfect finish.

Efficiency Meets Reliability

At UltraTile, the team understand the importance of efficiency and reliability in your trade. That’s why PROLEVEL FIBRE features a 20kg : 3.4L mixing ratio, ensuring consistent and accurate results with every application. Conforming to the CT C35 F6 EN 13813 classification, this leveller meets the highest industry standards for quality and performance.

Size Matters: 20kg of Excellence

We believe in providing you with ample supply for your projects. PROLEVEL FIBRE is available in a convenient 20kg size, ensuring you have sufficient product to achieve exceptional results.

Unwavering Confidence with a Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of PROLEVEL FIBRE, which is why it is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Install with confidence, knowing that your floors are supported by a product that delivers lasting performance.

Elevate your flooring projects to new heights with the unmatched power of PROLEVEL FIBRE. Order your 20kg pack today and experience the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and efficiency. Trust PROLEVEL FIBRE to be your go-to floor leveller for flawless results and a foundation that withstands the test of time.

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