UltraTile ProLevel Rapid: Fibre Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller

UltraTile ProLevel Rapid is a high-strength, rapid-drying floor leveller designed for professional use. Featuring FibreBond technology, it offers enhanced strength and flexibility, ideal for timber floors and underfloor heating. With a set time of 30 minutes and the ability to tile after 45 minutes, it is perfect for fast-track projects. Suitable for depths of 2-15mm, it conforms to CT C35 F7 EN 13813 classification and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Available in 20kg size with a 4.5L mixing ratio.

Key Features:
High-strength, rapid-drying floor leveller
FibreBond technology for enhanced strength and flexibility
Ideal for fast-track projects with same-day tiling
Exceptional flexibility for timber floors and underfloor heating systems
Application depth: 2-15mm
30 minutes set time
Tile after 45 minutes
20kg: 4.5L mixing ratio
Conforms to CT C35 F7 EN 13813 classification
Lifetime guarantee

Available in 20kg size

Product Code:  8045



Introducing UltraTile ProLevel Rapid, a high-strength, rapid-drying, and curing cementitious smoothing underlayment designed for professional flooring projects. This advanced product features a unique formulation that includes a blend of specially graded fillers, fine cements, polymers, and fibres, providing exceptional strength, flexibility, and ease of application.

FibreBond Technology for Enhanced Performance

UltraTile ProLevel Rapid incorporates FibreBond technology, which integrates fibres into the formulation to enhance application and strength. This innovative technology ensures a strong, sound, and even base that is ready for tiling in as little as 45 minutes, making it ideal for fast-track projects where time is of the essence.

Optimized for Fast Track Projects

Designed for internal use, UltraTile ProLevel Rapid is perfect for projects that require quick turnaround times. Its rapid drying and curing properties allow for same-day tiling, significantly speeding up project timelines without compromising on quality. With a set time of just 30 minutes, this underlayment ensures that you can proceed with tiling almost immediately.

Versatile and Flexible Application

This high-performance floor leveller is suitable for a variety of substrates and environments, including timber floors and underfloor heating systems. Its exceptional flexibility makes it ideal for areas that experience movement or thermal variation, providing a durable and reliable base for all types of flooring.

Wide Range of Application Depths

UltraTile ProLevel Rapid can be applied at depths ranging from 2mm to 15mm, allowing for versatility in addressing different flooring needs. The product’s formulation ensures a smooth and level finish, making it an excellent choice for preparing surfaces before tiling.

High Standards and Durability

Conforming to the CT C35 F7 EN 13813 classification, UltraTile ProLevel Rapid meets the highest industry standards for quality and performance. Its high-strength formulation ensures long-lasting durability, providing confidence in its ability to support subsequent flooring installations.

Lifetime Guarantee

For your peace of mind, UltraTile ProLevel Rapid comes with a lifetime guarantee, reflecting our commitment to delivering products that exceed expectations. Available in a convenient 20kg size with a 4.5L mixing ratio, this underlayment is easy to mix and apply, ensuring consistent results every time.

Elevate Your Flooring Projects

Experience the superior performance and rapid application of UltraTile ProLevel Rapid. Order your supply today and take your flooring projects to new heights with this high-quality, fibre-reinforced flexible floor leveller.

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