UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate: Semi-rapid Smoothing Underlayment

UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate is a high-performance, semi-rapid curing smoothing underlayment designed for professional use. Featuring Envirobead technology with 20% recycled material, it offers improved application and reduced environmental impact. Suitable for depths of 2-12mm and up to 30mm over solid substrates like concrete, it adheres to almost all surfaces, including old adhesive residues. Ideal for underfloor heating systems, it allows floor coverings to be applied after just 4 hours. Available in 20kg size.

Key Features:
Semi-rapid curing, high-performance smoothing underlayment
Incorporates Envirobead technology with 20% recycled material
Suitable for depths of 2-12mm and up to 30mm over solid substrates
Designed for use with underfloor heating systems
Allows floor coverings to be applied after 4 hours
Excellent adhesion to almost all substrates
No need to prime
Available in 20kg size

Product Code:  8031



Introducing UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate, a high-performance, semi-rapid curing, free-flowing single part smoothing underlayment designed to meet the demanding needs of professional flooring installations. This exceptional product combines a unique formulation of cements, polymers, graded fillers, and additives to deliver unparalleled performance and ease of use.

Innovative Envirobead Technology

UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate features Envirobead technology, incorporating 20% recycled material. This not only improves application efficiency but also reduces environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice for modern construction projects. The product is suitable for a wide range of subfloors, offering flexibility and reliability in various applications.

Versatile Application

Designed to be applied at depths between 2-12mm and up to 30mm over solid substrates such as concrete, UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate provides excellent adhesion to almost all substrates. This includes surfaces with old adhesive residues, eliminating the need for extensive surface preparation and priming.

Optimised for Underfloor Heating Systems

This smoothing underlayment is specifically engineered for use with underfloor heating systems (UFH), ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Its semi-rapid curing properties allow for the application of floor coverings just 4 hours after installation, significantly speeding up project timelines.

Exceptional Performance

UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate offers excellent adhesion and a smooth, level finish, ensuring that your flooring projects are completed to the highest standards. The product’s free-flowing nature makes it easy to apply, reducing labor time and effort while providing a consistent, high-quality result.

High Standards and Eco-Friendly

With its incorporation of 20% recycled materials and adherence to the highest industry standards, UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate not only delivers exceptional performance but also supports sustainable construction practices. Available in a 20kg size, this product is a reliable and eco-conscious choice for any professional flooring project.

Elevate Your Flooring Projects

Experience the ultimate in smoothing underlayment performance with UltraTile ProLevel Ultimate. Order your supply today and elevate your flooring installations with this high-quality, environmentally friendly solution.

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