UltraTile ProPave Mortar: Fibre Modified Cement Binder

UltraTile ProPave Mortar is a high-strength, fibre modified cement binder designed for rapid drying and high durability. Ideal for external use, it is perfect for porcelain and natural stone tiles. With a dual-mix ratio for heavy or light trafficked areas, it maintains porosity for effective drainage. Suitable for depths of 30-100mm, it ensures fast track installation and is part of the ProPave External Tiling System. Available in 20kg bags.

Key Features:
High-strength, fibre modified cement binder
Rapid drying for fast track installation
Fibre reinforced for added strength and durability
Dual-mix ratio for heavy or light trafficked areas
Maintains porosity to facilitate drainage
Approved for use with porcelain and natural stone
Application depth: 30-100mm
Suitable for internal and external use
Part of the ProPave External Tiling System
Available in 20kg bags

Product Code:  8044



Introducing UltraTile ProPave Mortar, a high-strength, fibre modified cement binder designed for professional external tiling projects. This advanced mortar, when mixed with graded aggregates and water, produces a rapid drying, robust bedding mortar that is perfect for receiving floor finishes such as porcelain and natural stone tiles. UltraTile ProPave Mortar is ideal for forming falls within patios and driveways, ensuring a durable and long-lasting installation.

High Strength and Durability

UltraTile ProPave Mortar is formulated with fibre reinforcement, adding significant strength and durability to the bedding mortar. This ensures a stable and long-lasting foundation for your tiling projects, capable of withstanding heavy loads and traffic. The mortar’s fibre modification enhances its structural integrity, making it a reliable choice for demanding external applications.

Versatile Application

Designed for use with type 1 hardcore, UltraTile ProPave Mortar is suitable for both heavy and light trafficked areas. Its dual-mix ratio allows for customization based on the specific needs of the project, providing flexibility and adaptability. The mortar can be applied at depths ranging from 30mm to 100mm, catering to various installation requirements.

Fast Track Installation

UltraTile ProPave Mortar is engineered for fast track installation, allowing for rapid project completion without compromising on quality. Its quick drying properties enable tiling and other finishing processes to commence shortly after application, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Maintains Porosity for Effective Drainage

One of the key features of UltraTile ProPave Mortar is its ability to maintain porosity, facilitating effective drainage. This characteristic is crucial for outdoor installations, helping to prevent water accumulation and potential damage to the tiled surfaces. The mortar’s porosity ensures that patios, driveways, and other external areas remain safe and functional in various weather conditions.

Approved for Porcelain and Natural Stone

UltraTile ProPave Mortar is specifically approved for use with porcelain and natural stone tiles, providing a perfect bonding layer that enhances the longevity and appearance of these high-quality materials. Whether you are working on a residential patio or a commercial driveway, this mortar ensures a professional and durable finish.

Internal and External Use

While primarily designed for external applications, UltraTile ProPave Mortar is also suitable for internal use, offering versatility for a wide range of tiling projects. Its robust formulation and fibre reinforcement make it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Part of the ProPave External Tiling System

UltraTile ProPave Mortar is an integral component of the ProPave External Tiling System, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance when used in conjunction with other ProPave products. This systemized approach guarantees a seamless and professional finish for all your tiling projects.

Available Packaging

UltraTile ProPave Mortar is available in 20kg bags, providing a convenient and manageable amount of product for large-scale projects. Each bag is designed to deliver consistent quality and performance, ensuring reliable results every time.

Elevate Your External Tiling Projects

Experience the superior strength, durability, and efficiency of UltraTile ProPave Mortar. Order your supply today and elevate your external tiling projects with this high-performance, fibre modified cement binder, ensuring long-lasting and professional results.

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