UltraTile ProSuper Grip: High Grab Acrylic Wall Tile Adhesive

UltraTile ProSuper Grip is a high-performance acrylic wall tile adhesive, designed for exceptional grip and non-slip properties. Ideal for standard and large format wall tiles, it is suitable for intermittently wet conditions like showers, kitchens, and bathrooms. With an antifungal additive to prevent mould buildup, this adhesive is perfect for ceramic tiles and porcelain or natural stone mosaics. Grout after 18 hours, it conforms to D1 TE EN 12004 classification and comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring reliable and durable installations.

Key Features:
Ideal for ceramic tiles and porcelain or natural stone mosaics
Exceptional grip and non-slip properties
Shower proof
Mould resistant
Grout after 18 hours
Conforms to D1 TE EN 12004 classification
Lifetime guarantee

Product Code:  8029



Introducing UltraTile ProSuper Grip, the high-performance acrylic wall tile adhesive engineered for exceptional grip and non-slip properties. Specially formulated to facilitate the speedy application of both standard and large format wall tiles, this adhesive is perfect for professionals seeking efficiency and reliability in their tiling projects.

Superior Grip and Non-Slip Properties

UltraTile ProSuper Grip stands out with its high grab formula, ensuring that tiles adhere firmly to walls without slipping. This unique feature makes it ideal for installing both standard and large format wall tiles, providing the assurance that tiles will remain in place during and after installation. The adhesive is particularly beneficial for vertical applications, where maintaining tile position is critical.

Versatile and Durable

Designed for use in intermittently wet conditions such as domestic showers, kitchens, and bathrooms, UltraTile ProSuper Grip is highly versatile. It contains an antifungal additive that prevents the buildup of mould, ensuring that your installations remain hygienic and looking pristine over time. This makes it an excellent choice for areas where moisture and humidity are prevalent.

Optimized for Professional Use

UltraTile ProSuper Grip is engineered to meet the demands of professional tile installers. It is suitable for ceramic tiles and porcelain or natural stone mosaics, providing flexibility in application. With the ability to grout just 18 hours after application, this adhesive allows for efficient project completion without compromising on quality.

High Standards of Performance

Conforming to D1 TE EN 12004 classification, UltraTile ProSuper Grip meets the stringent standards of the tiling industry. Its formulation ensures not only high performance but also long-lasting durability, giving professionals and end-users peace of mind. Available in convenient packaging, this adhesive is easy to use and handle, making it a staple for any tiling project.

Lifetime Guarantee

For your utmost confidence, UltraTile ProSuper Grip comes with a lifetime guarantee. This commitment to quality ensures that you can rely on this product for superior results in every project, large or small.

Elevate Your Tiling Projects

UltraTile ProSuper Grip is the ultimate choice for high grab, non-slip wall tile adhesive. Experience the benefits of its exceptional grip, mould resistance, and fast setting properties. Order your supply today and enhance the efficiency and reliability of your tiling installations with UltraTile ProSuper Grip.

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