UltraTile ProPave Grout: External Tiling Grout

UltraTile ProPave Grout is a premium decorative brush-in grout for external tiling, ideal for granite, porcelain, and natural stone. With Colour Shield technology for vibrant finishes, it performs in all weather and allows foot traffic in 24-48 hours. Suitable for 3-20mm joints, it reduces waste by being reusable. Available in four colours: Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere, Storm Grey, and Pebble Grey. Part of the ProPave External Tiling System, packaged in 15kg bags.

Key Features:
High-specification decorative brush-in grout
Ideal for 20mm porcelain tiles and premium natural stone
Advanced Colour Shield technology for vibrant finishes
Suitable for all weather conditions
Walk on in 24-48 hours
Reusable with no waste
Fills joints from 3-20mm
Part of the ProPave External Tiling System
Available in Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere, Storm Grey, and Pebble Grey
Packaged in 15kg bags

Product Code:  8039, 8040, 8041 and 8042



Introducing UltraTile ProPave Grout, a high-specification, decorative brush-in tile jointing solution designed for external applications. This premium grout is perfect for use with granite, porcelain, and other high-quality natural stone tiles, offering a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces. Available in four bespoke colours – Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere, Storm Grey, and Pebble Grey – UltraTile ProPave Grout provides a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing finish for all your external tiling projects.

Ideal for Premium Quality Tiles

UltraTile ProPave Grout is specifically formulated for use with 20mm porcelain tiles, ensuring a perfect fit and robust performance. Its high specification makes it suitable for a range of premium natural stones, providing a decorative and durable solution for external tiling.

Advanced Colour Shield Technology

Featuring advanced Colour Shield technology, UltraTile ProPave Grout ensures a vibrant and long-lasting finish. This innovative technology protects the grout from fading and discoloration, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your tiling for years to come.

All-Weather Application

Designed for use in all weather conditions, UltraTile ProPave Grout is versatile and reliable, making it ideal for the unpredictable outdoor environment. Whether it’s rain or shine, this grout performs consistently, ensuring your projects stay on track.

Quick and Efficient Curing

UltraTile ProPave Grout allows for foot traffic within 24-48 hours of application, enabling quicker project completion and minimal disruption. This rapid curing time ensures that your external spaces are usable soon after installation, providing convenience and efficiency.

Reusable and Waste-Free

This grout is designed with sustainability in mind. Any leftover material can be re-used, reducing waste and providing cost-effective solutions for your tiling projects. UltraTile ProPave Grout is easy to store and reuse, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Versatile Joint Filling

Suitable for filling joints from 3-20mm, UltraTile ProPave Grout offers versatility and flexibility in application. Its brush-in method ensures a thorough and even fill, providing a strong and cohesive finish that enhances the durability and appearance of your tiles.

Part of the ProPave External Tiling System

UltraTile ProPave Grout is an integral part of the ProPave External Tiling System, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with other ProPave products. This systemized approach guarantees a seamless and professional finish for all your external tiling projects.

Available Colours and Packaging

UltraTile ProPave Grout is available in four bespoke colours – Natural Cashmere, Cosmic Black, Storm Grey, and Pebble Grey – each designed to complement and enhance your outdoor spaces. Packaged in convenient 15kg bags, it provides ample material for large-scale projects.

Elevate Your External Tiling Projects

Experience the superior performance and decorative appeal of UltraTile ProPave Grout. Order your supply today and elevate your external tiling projects with this high-specification, versatile grout solution.

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Cosmic Black, Natural Cashmere, Pebble Grey, Storm Grey