Atrim Round Edge Trim Open Profile 2.5m

A high-quality round edge trim with open profile from Atrim, with an anodised finish available in either chrome or matt options. This 2.5m long tiling trim is ideal for protecting and finishing edges and tiled corners, whilst also providing a decorative finish thanks to its tough, reflective finish.

Available with depths of 6, 9, 10, 10.5 and 12mm
Product Codes: 4377, 4381, 4385, 4394, 4473, 4474, 4476



This round edge trim open profile measures 2.5m long and will provide ideal protection and finishing to tiled corners and rough edges. The high-quality reflective anodised aluminium trim is available with a variety of useful depths ranging from 6mm-12mm, with both chrome and matt finishes available.


These high-quality aluminium trims are given an anodised corrosion resistant finish, which is applied electro-chemically. Once the profile is treated, it is then colour dipped to create the popular bright chrome finish, without damaging the mechanical or chemical resistance of the straight edge trim. Although the matt anodised finish does not offer this highly reflective finish, the round edge trim still retains its tough and stylish finish.


As you would expect from a high-quality Atrim tiling trim, this round edge trim features a perforated anchoring leg which will help to secure the trim to the adhesive or mortar below the tiled surface. Once installed, the anodisation will create a uniform finish, however care should be taken to prevent damage of the trim from tile adhesive, mortar or other grouting products, with setting materials removed from the area quickly.


These anodised aluminium trims do not require any special maintenance, with a soft cloth and water ideal for removing general marks and cosmetic issues. A glass cleaner or mild detergent can also be used to remove stubborn stains and fingerprints. If an oxidation film builds up on the trim, it can be easily removed with common polishing agents. However, if the surface of the trim is damaged a recoating layer can be applied to provide added protection.

Additional information

Depth mm

10.5, 10mm, 12mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm


Chrome, Matt Anodised