The Top 5 Tools and Accessories for Tiling Large Format Tiles

As every seasoned tiler knows, a workman is only as good as his tools. When it comes to tiling large format tiles, you need the best equipment to guarantee a job well done. Here at Quantum Group NI, we stock a comprehensive range of tiling tools and accessories, each designed to simplify your work process and yield superior results. This blog post delves into our top five tools and accessories essential for working with large format tiles.


1. Wet Saw Tile Cutter

The first tool on our list is the wet saw tile cutter, a crucial item for anyone dealing with large format tiles. Its design allows it to make precise cuts with minimal effort, even on the most substantial tiles. Thanks to its water-cooled diamond blade, not only can it cut straight lines, but it can also manage diagonal and intricate cuts, ensuring you have the versatility to handle any tiling project.


2. Levelling wedges

Next up, we have wedges which assist in levelling a surface, a simple but critical accessory in your tiling toolkit. When working with large format tiles, maintaining consistent height gradient across tiles is a must for a professional finish. Our wedges are designed for ease and accuracy, ensuring perfectly level tiles every time. Wedges come in either wood or plastic and provide the flexibility to accommodate different tiling designs and preferences.


3. Adhesive Trowels

An adhesive trowel is an essential tool for applying adhesive evenly and consistently across large format tiles. Our trowels are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring a steady hand during application. With a selection of notch’s available, you can choose the perfect trowel to match the adhesive and tiles you are using.


4. Large Format Tile Adhesive

To secure large format tiles firmly, a robust adhesive is required. Quantum Group NI offers a selection of high-strength, fast-drying tile adhesives specifically formulated for excellent coverage, ensuring your tiles stay in place for a long-lasting finish.


5. Tile Levelling clips

Finally, to ensure a smooth, lippage-free finish when working with large format tiles, a combining clips which the levelling wages mentioned in step 2 creates a levelling system. Clips keep the tiles level as the adhesive dries, preventing movement and ensuring an even, professional finish. It’s a straightforward, efficient tool that will make your tiling job noticeably smoother.


Working with large format tiles doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right tools and accessories from Quantum Group NI, you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful, professional tiling results.

Visit our online store to browse our extensive range of products designed for professional tilers and tile sellers. And if you ever need advice or guidance, our team of experts is always ready to help. At Quantum Group NI, we’re dedicated to equipping you with the best tools and accessories for your tiling projects.