UltraTile ProGrout Flowable

UltraTile ProGrout Flowable is a high-performance tile grout designed for areas with movement or vibration. Enhanced with polymers for increased flexibility and impermeability, it is suitable for joint widths up to 20mm. With a pot life of 30-60 minutes and light foot traffic possible in 3-4 hours, it ensures efficient installations. Conforms to EN13888 CG2 WA classification, available in 15kg bags in limestone, silver grey, grey, and charcoal.

Key Features:
Enhanced flexibility with polymer formulation
Virtually impermeable set
Suitable for joint widths up to 20mm
Application thickness: 2mm – 30mm
Initial drying time: 40-50 minutes
Pourable time: 15 minutes approx.
Pot life: 30-60 minutes
Light foot traffic: 3-4 hours
Hard set time: 12 hours
Application temperatures: 5°C to 25°C
Available in limestone, silver grey, grey, and charcoal
15kg bags

Product Code:  8063, 8064, 8062, 8061



Introducing UltraTile ProGrout Flowable, the advanced tile grout designed to withstand areas where movement or vibration is likely. This innovative grout is formulated with added polymers, enhancing its flexibility and creating a virtually impermeable set. UltraTile ProGrout Flowable is ideal for joint widths up to 20mm, making it the perfect choice for a variety of tile installations.

Enhanced Flexibility and Impermeability

UltraTile ProGrout Flowable is engineered to provide superior flexibility, thanks to its polymer-enhanced formulation. This flexibility ensures that the grout can accommodate movement and vibration, making it suitable for environments where these conditions are prevalent. The virtually impermeable set created by this grout offers exceptional durability and resistance to moisture, ensuring long-lasting performance in both residential and commercial applications.

Versatile Application

This flowable grout is suitable for a wide range of applications, with an application thickness ranging from 2mm to 30mm. It is perfect for use with various tile types and joint widths, providing a seamless finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any tiling project. The pourable nature of UltraTile ProGrout Flowable allows for easy application, ensuring a smooth and efficient grouting process.

Optimized for Professional Use

Designed for the professional installer, UltraTile ProGrout Flowable offers a pot life of 30-60 minutes, providing ample time for precise application. Its initial drying time of 40-50 minutes and pourable time of approximately 15 minutes ensure quick and efficient installations. Light foot traffic can be accommodated within 3-4 hours, with a hard set time of just 12 hours, allowing for rapid project completion without compromising on quality.

High Standards of Performance

UltraTile ProGrout Flowable conforms to the rigorous EN13888 CG2 WA classification, meeting the highest industry standards for quality and performance. Available in 15kg bags, this grout comes in a variety of colours, including limestone, silver grey, grey, and charcoal, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to complement your tile design.

Wide Range of Application Temperatures

This grout is suitable for application in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 25°C, making it versatile and adaptable to various site conditions. Whether you are working in a residential bathroom or a commercial kitchen, UltraTile ProGrout Flowable delivers consistent, reliable results.

Elevate Your Tiling Projects

UltraTile ProGrout Flowable is the ultimate choice for high-performance, flexible tile grout. Experience the benefits of its enhanced flexibility, impermeability, and ease of use. Order your supply today and elevate your tiling projects with the exceptional quality of UltraTile ProGrout Flowable.

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Black, Jasmine, White, Charcoal, Clear, Cream, Grey, Limestone, Mid-Grey, Silver Grey, Taupe